Author Topic: LG wm2032hw LE error after replacing hall effects sensor, happens intermittently  (Read 4066 times)

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It's much easier/more simple to check the Serial Number...

805 and lower---Replace the Hall Effect Sensor (6501KW2002A) and the Wire Harness (6877ER1016D)

806 and higher---Likely a failing/failed Wire Harness/Too much or the incorrect detergent used/Failed Main Board.


<<<Drain the water out of the tub to reduce resistance.
               (I've sucked it out with a shop vac.  then opened the filter with the shop vac nearby to suck the water out of it as I break the seal on the filter.)

Make sure it is plugged in.

Make sure it is OFF.

Give the drum a good spin, it should come to life just as if you've pressed the power button.  If it does not, your hall effect sensor is bad.>>>


An anecdotal observation.

Not an accurate indicator of Hall Effect Sensor integrity.

If the washer has not been used for 6 or more hours---rotating/spinning the Inner Drum by hand---will *not* illuminate/turn on the Control Panel lights.

After a cycle has started (or ended)---the Control Panel lights *will* turn on---if the Inner Drum is manually rotated.


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