Author Topic: Share your experience with (Sears) 'A&E Factory Service' with the rest of us.  (Read 2920 times)

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A&E Factory Service is a nationwide leader in product repair service that provides a professional and enjoyable repair experience for our customers. We service all major brand appliances and you can depend on us for your in-home repair needs.

I see there trucks on the road all the time. If you have ever worked with (or work for) A&E please share your thoughts about the company here in this topic.

Hope you find our website helpful.

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corporate whores like most big companies. you have someone who wouldn't know a maytag trans if it bit them on the ass telling you you took too long to install it. not bad money though for a "job".

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True, they want 8 completes/day, don't care how far you drive, whether you've ever worked on it before...and now, because I'm slow as molasses(thorough, but not selling protection agreements), I'm getting a steady diet of appliances, that Sears has next to no documentation on, nor even a parts diagram for ordering parts. Fast paced & procedural nightmare. And there idea of training is to 'you tube' it!


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