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Author Topic: GE Profile Fridge, Dual, Separated Defrost Coils Glow Different  (Read 2793 times)

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Dear Guru,
My GE side by side Fridge was warm on Fresh food side and cold in freezer.  After research, I concluded that the defrost system was broke.  The system consists of an electric timer in fridge area and a dual heater/thermostat combo in the condensor area behind freezer.  The condensor(freezer) fan worked fine. The defrost heaters are 2, ~12 inch glass heater tubes that are at separate positions.  One is at the bottom of a 6 inch coil of condensor tubes and the other is above the 6 inch coil of condensor tubes under about 14 inches of condensor coils.  The bottom heater tube was blackish green with no continuity while the top tube looked clear.  
I replaced the Defrost controller(defrost timer) GE WR9X489 and the dual heater/thermostat combo GE WR51X443.  When I manually turned timer so compressor shuts off and heating tubes energize, the top tube got cherry red but the bottom tube only got faint pink.  Is this the correct difference in heat?   Should both heat tubes get cherry red?  The top tube does have to defrost a larger set of coils ~14 inches versus the bottom tubes 6 inches of condensor coils.  So is the design intention or do I have a bad brand new heating tube?  Or what?


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Re: GE Profile Fridge, Dual, Separated Defrost Coils Glow Different
« Reply #1 on: August 25, 2011, 09:43:35 AM »
I would assume it's working properly.  I've never paid any attention to how much they glowed.  I figure if they're heating they're good.  I would leave it in.  In a month or two, pull the back panel and see if there's any unusual frost buildup. Next time I install a double heater, I'll check how they're glowing.  It might be a while, most GE's have single heaters now.


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