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Refrigerator Defrost Problems
« on: May 03, 2011, 01:40:16 PM »

NOTE: Some newer refrigerators use electronic devices to control the defrost system. If your refrigerator uses type of control, do not attempt this diagnosis procedure.

    1) Unplug the refrigerator.
    2) With the freezer frozen down, (it must have been running at least a couple of hours to give the contacts in the defrost thermostat a chance to get cold and close) remove the evaporator cover (the cover in the freezer that covers the cooling coil)
    3) Plug the refrigerator in.
    4) Locate the defrost timer (either behind the kickplate or in control panel) and, with a screw driver, turn the timer to the defrost mode. There is a slot on the timer that the screwdriver will fit in. Turn it clockwise. The refrigerator will stop running when it goes into the defrost mode.
    5) Wait about 5 minutes, then see if the defrost heater is heating. It will get VERY HOT, so be careful! If it is heating, the defrost heater and defrost thermostat are good. The timer should be replaced.
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