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Author Topic: Share your experience with (Sears) 'A&E Factory Service' with the rest of us.  (Read 6482 times)

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A&E Factory Service is a nationwide leader in product repair service that provides a professional and enjoyable repair experience for our customers. We service all major brand appliances and you can depend on us for your in-home repair needs.


I see there trucks on the road all the time. If you have ever worked with (or work for) A&E please share your thoughts about the company here in this topic.

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corporate whores like most big companies. you have someone who wouldn't know a maytag trans if it bit them on the ass telling you you took too long to install it. not bad money though for a "job".

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True, they want 8 completes/day, don't care how far you drive, whether you've ever worked on it before...and now, because I'm slow as molasses(thorough, but not selling protection agreements), I'm getting a steady diet of appliances, that Sears has next to no documentation on, nor even a parts diagram for ordering parts. Fast paced & procedural nightmare. And there idea of training is to 'you tube' it!

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Working for the Blue Screw is a mixed bag. I like fixing things and the challenge of the repair. They pay is okay. I would say the pay is nothing great in return for what they except of you. Like all of us we are in the business of making money and so is A&E Factory service. Regardless of how many miles you have to service or if you a few calls a day or a lot. You are require to have so many completes per day other wise they put you on the naughty list and harass you until you are off of it or get fired. I have a friend that was traveling two to three hundred miles a day to do 3 to 5 calls. Yet he was put on the naughty list because he was not doing  enough completes per day. If you don't get the calls per day and have to travel hundreds of miles, there is no way you are going to make your completes. The management is disconnected from repair reality. They have no idea how to treat their techs and motivate them.  Its a negative based management style. If their ideas don't work its the tech's fault for not implementing their ideas in the proper fashion. This last summer they gave some bullshit training about changing the work culture so we can give better service.  What they taught had nothing to do with giving better service. Here what I believe in how to help techs give better service. You keep your tech's up to date in training. Give them the tools to do the job. When we got our new computer tough books about 4 years ago, management told us we were going to have the latest and greatest. We would be able to access all the manufacturers web sites. Have videos for tear down and trouble shooting and all that happy stuff. Well fours years later, guess what nothing.  They want us to sell extended warranties but take away the tools that would help us. If the customer wants to think about the extended warranties, we can't make a special trip back or set up a service call or even do it from our computer. We have to tell them to call the 800 number. There by we lose any chance of getting a commission if we don't sell the plan during that service call. But on the other hand they harass you to sell and sell.  There is more to tell, but right now  I am too tired. Also I am surprised there is not a bigger response to this posting. Maybe the A&E techs are just tired of  it all. I know I am getting tired of A&E management and all their bullshit.

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I could go on for pages. It's a horrible company to work for. Management lives in la-la land. They add on responsibilities without any extra money. They hire sales people instead of techs. I could go on.
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Pretty much the same experience as everyone else.  Negative management and LONG hours with little to show. Zero raises. Quantity over quality mentality.  I'm actually working for a small business now who may be contracting some of Sears calls out.  Oh boy, I can't wait.

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Yep, what the others have said. Incompetent management, zero product training (although we did get a full day of Wow the customer training). Sell, Sell, Sell. Extra responsibilities and No raises. With that being said, the money is not horrible, free ride (van comes home with me), and I do truly enjoy repairing the products.

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Had lunch with a friend of mine about 3 weeks ago.   Works for Sears.   Hates his job.    Same complaints as the rest on this post.    He said his boss is relentless about the service contracts.    Want's him to push and sell more and more of them.     That's their business model.    He said he gets alot of hostility when he tries to push the warranty's from customers.     I was trying to help him out on the VMW's and how to diagnose them more easily.   No training on new stuff.    You would think that an operation as big as Sears would set up training to have the best educated tech's for their products.   Instead,  they tell you to get the laptop and look at Youtube for training.       He works the rural area, and is also getting pushed to do more completes.    Can't stand going to work every day.      I just about have him convinced to start out on his own.      I'm working on him,   hope he comes around.    Told him he has me to call and others if he were to run into problems while on his own.      Because he is really miserable now working for "Big Blue"   Hope he comes around.      That goes for the rest of you in the same situation.     After hearing all these complaints for the last few years about them,    I'm amazed they are able to keep workers.     I know I wouldn't put up with that crap.   
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Where to start.. no longer work for them so feel more free to talk, Actually only worked for them for about 2 years. Training -- 4 weeks worth of riding with the lead mentor, never allowed to touch an appliance just watch, 75% of the calls were reefer calls unfortunately was not going to be doing reefers. 2 weeks in Chicago 50% how to sell and policies and procedures, 40% basic electrical troubleshooting(waste of my time) 10% takeing apart out of date appliances laundry only. I had zero formal training on cooking and dish. I had no real troubleshooting training for any of the appliances other than a few things the class mentors mentioned. two weeks worth of time spent on CDs training me how to sell , use the SST, policies and procedures. Oh and I had a handful of CDs from the previous 5 years with manuals and training on appliances but never given time to even use them. Luckily I had a very good background in how things are supposed to work and a very good ability to use documentation and figure things out.

 Once on the route you have to esteemed Technical support services of Roundrock texas in the form of STAC this was very hit or miss. sometimes you got somebody that was competent and wanted to help mostly I got somebody that just knew how to read the manual. In one case I spent 7 weeks and 5 trips trying to get the right part for a Samsung washer under a service agreement even though on the first three trips I sent them pictures showing  how and why the part that they sent ( gave me the part number for) was the wrong part that had a opening that was not supposed to be on that model the 4th guy actually looked at the pictures looked through their model history for that model number and found a email from Samsung explaining the problem ( a undocumented part change) and how to correct it. Oh the correction was to add a blank part to the opening ( had that part on the truck BTW ) This Customer was very upset with A&E but loved me to death and even asked me for my personal number so he could call me for his repairs directly.

ALL and all I got very high ratings and comments for technical abilities and rave reviews from most of my customers but in my two years I sold  6 service plans 3 were renewals the other 3 were fresh plans to customers who asked about extended coverage for appliances that were about to go out of warranty that had a major repair needed.

Only reason I was not fired for lack of sales was because I was always in the top 1 or 2 for customer survey satisfaction in my TMs area and never below top 15% for the district plus always top 6 for first time repair rate in district. Even though I was the newest employee in my TMs area after my first 3 months on a route I was 1 of 3 techs she sent out to displeased customers and multiple attempt customers.

I quit for several reasons low pay being one and tired of ripping of customers being the another plus many others over scheduling , being lied to , setting procedures and standards then not following them. I really hated charging cash customers 2-6X and more of retail price for parts and then tell them I could not return for 2-3 weeks to finish the repair even though they would receive the parts in 2-3 days.

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My number one complaint is new product training. I complain to management about it every chance I get.  Their response is to call STAC.

Can't diagnose the appliance within 15 minutes?  Call STAC.

Ordering a part for a Samsung? Call STAC.

Working on a multiple attempt? Call STAC before ordering parts, even if you know for a fact that the part you are ordering is correct (nevermind all the years of experience you have).

I call STAC once or twice a day depending on what I'm working on. And it's definitely hit or miss. I usually ask for a floor lead if I don't think the guy/gal on the other end is trying enough.
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