Author Topic: whirlpool portable dishwasher inexplicably cancels itself and drains  (Read 1665 times)

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i just bought this stupid thing from a brandsmart scratch and dent store thursday.  first two nights it seemed to work fine.  i was thrilled.  have been living without a dishwasher in this tiny house of mine for six years and now have 1.5 year old twins mucking up the place....saturday, sunday, and now monday night i have had to run the thing repeatedly to try to get it to finish a cycle without the red light coming on and it draining, usually by 10 minutes in.  

i know the answer is to just return it to the store and try the other one they had there, but it's not that easy to get a dishwasher back into my toyota, into the store and bring another one home and get it into the house.  so before i went through that drama, thought i would check to see if perhaps there was an easy explanation and fix....

any suggestions?

Model DP1040XTXB1

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First we need a good complete model number and description of exactly what the machine is doing.
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Sorry.  DP1040XTXB1.  It fills, it washes, it runs anywhere from 7-9 minutes depending on the cycle i choose - then the red light comes on (the Cancel/Drain button, as if this button has been pushed) and all the water comes out.  i have run every different cycle with the same results, can't complete a full wash cycle.  there's almost the constant grinding/buzzing sound along with it.  something stuck in the food grinder?  something electrical?  the overfill floating thing not floating?


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