Author Topic: oven not igniting and temperature uncontrollable (temp going up and down)  (Read 2647 times)

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G.E. XL44 Gas Range (purchased 1998)
SERIAL # TT165913P

PROBLEM --- When the oven is turned on, the Igniter ( I guess that is what it is called – it is the metal wire down in the broiler section that glows orange-red hot) comes on o.k. but the oven burner will not ignite for an extremely long time ( as long as an hour or more – sometimes not at all).  If and when the burner does ignite then the temperature is not constant ( when the oven temperature control is set at 350 degrees the oven temperature will drift up and down between 200 and 450 degrees which makes baking impossible).

According to advice given to me, the oven burner not igniting sounds like it could be the IGNITER, but what about the temperature ( if the oven does ignite) going up and down?

What is the problem?

Thank You,
L. Koch

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That to me sounds like the sensor is out of spec.

XL44 service manual: True Temp oven service manual
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I believe this is going to be the igniter. The gas valve will not open until the igniter pulls a certain amount of current. If the igniter is weak it can take longer for the gas valve to open if it opens at all. Most of the time if the igniter is weak the burner will not light at all but I have seen some that would light eventually.

The only way to know for sure is to check it with an amp meter. Yours has a flat igniter so it should draw 3.4-3.6 amps shortly after it starts to glow. If you don’t have an amp meter go ahead and replace the igniter because it is the most likely cause for your problem. 

This can also account for your erratic temperature problem because when the thermostat tries to cycle it takes too long for the gas to relight therefore the temperature will drop too low before relighting. Although this wouldn’t account for it getting too hot so go ahead and test the sensor as well.  I hope this helps!
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I sincerely thank both of you for your help.  I will replace both the sensor and igniter.


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