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GE washer, transmission fluid


What weght or type of fluid is required. We don't have a leak but the poor thing is always being used (7 people's clothes), and we have destroyed 1 new one and 2 used ones, now we are on the third used transmission. Seems to be holding for now but I would like to maintain it for as long as possible. My wife likes to fill it right to the top and I've said this is a strain on the transmission with all that extra weight. Is that statement correct?

Model MLC275CW0

To answer your question, the transmission is filled with a 60-wt non-detergent oil.

To address the theory that servicing the transmission to avoid problem later is ludicrous. It is not the oil which fails, but the internal gears and bearings.

(No one burns out that many transmissions without some sort of abuse factor figured in. )Besides, damage to the clutch & drive block is more likely that outright transmission failure. Regardless of the number of persons using the machine, if it is not overloaded, this kind of damage would take years to occur.

I looked up the model number and had no luck.
I do know those new GE washers did have a recall on them lawn mower transmissions.


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