Author Topic: ThermaCell Mosquito Repellent Appliance Giveaway: 7/19/10 - 7/26/10  (Read 13372 times)

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We LOVE this site and are constantly getting awesome advice on repairing our appliances!

We grow our own vegetables and fruits and have a huge greenhouse.  While transferring our seedlings into pots last week we were severely eaten up by mosquitoes!  My son gets a bad reaction to mosquito bites, taking days for them to disappear.  We would LOVE/appreciate/be grateful/thankful (you name it!) if we won the ThermaCell Mosquito Repellent Appliance!!!

Thanks for taking us into consideration!!!!!!


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We also have the Asian Tiger mosquito in MO., and they come out hours before dark. This looks like the product to have with you when you`re spending any time on a condensing unit, etc. where there are pests nearby.

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Being nudests in Canada you can just imagine why we need the thermacell  :'(

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Yeah :), you wouldn't want to get your stinger stung.

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Even John has understand that was funny. :2funny:

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They all love me! :tickedoff: :(  We have 3 of the light trap kind that plug in the wall still not good enough.  If these truly repel and I won't just be wasting my money I will by two additional if I were so lucky to win the first.  O0

Cin  :)

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Excellent Giveaway!Of particular interest to me because:

1. I am an amateur astronomer and outside at all hours of the night. 8)
2. I live in central Florida and it's too hot to wear a lot of extra clothing.  :P
3. I've had some serious reactions to the spray on repellents.  :'(
4. Recent local headline:  Dengue Fever Spreads To Central Florida  :o
5. This is a good product.  :)
6. It's always nice to win something! O0

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I know I need a ThermaCell Mosquito Repellent Appliance, for the safety of my children.  My husband never takes the time to put repellent on them when going outdoors.  We live in a wooded area around swamps and lakes with lots of Mosquitoes!

During a discussion last year, my husband teased me that I worry too much about things like West Nile and H1N1.  He said, "How many people do we know that has had either of them?"  "What are the chances it would happen to us?"  Less than two months went by and his cousin contracted West Nile so badly it changed his life dramatically.  We also knew another person who died from H1N1.

I still beg my husband to remember the bug spray.  I really need the ThermaCell!


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My 2 year old is badly allergic to mosquitoes.  We have tried SO many things to repel them from our yard and haven't had one to work yet! 

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Wow this would be wonderful at the lake where it is just nasty outside with all the mosquitos

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I'd like to win one because I live in Clute, Texas. Home of the Great Texas Mosquito Festival and believe me the mosquitos are big and bad here this time of year. We even have a giant mosquito mascot named "Willie Manchew" I'd like to try one out on him ;D

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I'm an absolute smorgasbord for mosquites and try everything that comes out. I'm severely allergic to them and have big black scars from the things where they've bit me. We live next to an irrigation canal that floods part of our property, and across the street from a huge orchard and a swamp. We've tried the OFF clip-ons, wipes, sprays, bracelets, foggers, plants, coils, Skeetervac (which vacuums a huge amount of them), tiki torches, you name it! We are planning to move and my first question is: how bad are the mosquitoes and how hard is it to control them on this property? We moved from a city setting with almost zero problem to the countryside with a massive problem. I NEED THIS PRODUCT!!! 

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I have lymphedema after cancer treatment and any product that can repel mosquitoes effectively makes my life easier and safer. I am supposed to avoid insect bites and anything that can cause a break in the skin to avoid infection and increased swelling. This would enable me to enjoy the outdoors again.Thank you for information on this product."When an insect bites, it injects a toxin into the skin that causes the resulting itching. The reaction in lymphedema-affected tissues to insect bites can be potentially be severe. In response to the bite, there may be a temporary increase in the swelling of the affected limb. Also, it may take lymphedema-affected tissues longer than normal tissues to clear this substance from the body."


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