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Neptune Bearing Repair - Pic Tutorial

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You can view the rest of the photos in our gallery.

Neptune Bearing Repair - Pic by crystal368

just want to let everyone know the tutorial has been revised for the better, i hope. ;D now available for direct download from megaupload. a few pics have been added along with the existing embedded text within the pics revised & more detailed. also the text file - aboutthistutorial.txt found in the zip has been refined & added to with more details of the repair process.

NeptuneBearingRepairCheap&EasyNOV09rev(a).zip is available for download at here's the link:

if you are not equipped to open zip files then use google to find/download a zip utility program. ty

This is a Great Turorial....  Thank You.

A few questions: 
1. Do you have the part number for the Seal Kit you used.
2. I figure the Bearings do not come in a Kit..  What bearings did you use and where did you get them.

Thank You Very Much.



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