Author Topic: soap dispenser will not open, soap in dispenser, dished dirtier than before  (Read 10878 times)

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I believe what the repair tech told me was something that he does not normally check.  I just did the filling 10 oz in 10 seconds and it was more like 16oz in 1 second or 10 cups in ten seconds.

As BrntToast said the water during the fill test (bottom of dishwasher tub) that the water level should be at where the heater element brackets meet the tub.  Whirlpooltech said the water should be just below the heater element if not touch the element.  Which is correct?  My water level tub switch (not sure of its correct name) is close to the heater element in level when I hear it click, when I manually move it up slowly.  Is it a timer or this switch that is used to give the proper water in the tub?  Thanks


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