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Author Topic: LE error code, it was the wires!  (Read 4867 times)

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LE error code, it was the wires!
« on: May 19, 2009, 10:16:08 PM »
Thanks dmont!  We had the same LE error code and thanks to your post my husband and followed your instructions (great by the way) and sure enough the purple wire was cut in half.  We sottered it back together and the error code is gone and the washing is working normal.  I find it sad that fellow consumers help each other more than the actual manufacturer... pathetic.  To all of you owers of crappy LG LDS5811ST dishwashers with this error code, try the wiring first.  It can save you so much time, money and frustration.  The black coating inside the door clearly is not very heat resistant because the wires were stuck to it in many places (which caused the purple wire to break).  Also there are some bubbles in it.  There are actually permanant imprints of the wires on it now where they had stuck to it during a heat cycle.  THANKS AGAIN dmont and everyone else that shared their stories, they were all so helpful!!!!


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