Author Topic: DRYER FLASHING LIGHTS LIKE A XMAS TREE  (Read 1156 times)

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hi everyone, its last resort time, here goes. my nephew bought this dryer from an auction, it is brand new, never used. i have, clean filter,empty bottle, end of cycle, and clean, lights all flashing, no operation. i have continuity on all cut-outs, water bottle micro, door micro, motor, all wires(plug leads), the one thing i do not have continuity on is the bottom front thermo. i asked had he taken any wires off the heater element thermos, (one of these has been replaced), he said no. i have a strong suspicion he may have taken the wires off the thermos and put them back the wrong way round (cynical aren't i). any help would be most appreciated before said dryer goes to the great whirlpool in the sky.

thanks in advance to all you hunky technicians, (me wife said try flattery but i'm not very good at it).

Model Number: AWZ 7913


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