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Author Topic: Whirlpool Cabrio Model WED6200SW1 Electric Dryer Error Code Questions  (Read 105 times)

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Purchased the above dryer at a charity sale. Two issues have arisen. There was an error code of F-25 (which is the inlet thermistor open or shorted code) initially in memory. My meter did not confirm this. There was continuity in the cable on P4-1 & P4-2 from the ECU to the inlet thermistor and the ohm reading for the thermistor was within range for the ambient I took the reading at. (tech sheet says 49-51k ohms at 77F). During a test load I opened the door to add a garment and the control begin to flash F-1 which is code for Primary Control Failure. I cancelled the cycle, unplugged the dryer, then replugged the dryer, the error cleared and the machine went back to work. So, I suppose my question is, are these electronic controls always to be trusted? If the ECU has failed how is it now accepting commands and continuing to run? Or am I over complicating the obvious and should assume the ECU is in the process of failing or is at best suspect? Thanks in advance for your kind attention in this matter.   

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 are these electronic controls always to be trusted? - NO ,NO ,NO.
one of  the most common reasons for microchips failure is just quality. the microchip is programmed to perform specific tasks based on the input provided . there is multiple reasons why ecb can intermittently stop working :
 bad internal connections (cold solders)
badly written firmware ( ask any technician working on lg refrigerators - just unplugging and resetting ecb fixes at least 40 % )
interference from other equipment ( no shielding)
those self checking systems ( watchdog systems) are part of the ecb so you can imagine how many variables can affect it.
what i mean is ,if self checking system is still fine ( working correctly ) it is the best thing under the sun , but when is bad it will make your day unforgettable :-) 
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