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Maytag PYET244AYW Performa not starting
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Our Performa electric dryer was in the middle of a cycle, and just stopped running. It hasn't started since. I have tried several different solutions troubleshooting for the problem. No dice yet.

There is no trouble with the circuit breaker, 220v is coming to the dryer, (haven't tested for correct voltage(s) across L1, N, L2 on terminal block, as of yet), no belt break, motor spins freely, (by hand). The ??thermal fuse / thermostat?? to the right of the heating element has continuity, there is an audible click when the door switch button is pressed, and it has continuity as well.

The duct / exhaust outlet is clear of any lint clog, within the dryer OR from the appliance to the outdoor vent. You can turn the start / cycle select button to any ON position, get close to it and hear the timer ticking.

The last symptom I have tested, (so far), is another thermal fuse / thermostat, (I don't know which) attached to the blower wheel housing at the bottom right front of the machine. It has four wires coming to it; two terminals are on a horizontal axis, (left / right) sides of the device, and two are vertical, (top and bottom). I read continuity across the left / right pair of terminals, but the meter reads infinity between the top / bottom pair of terminals. Of course, these tests were conducted with NO AC voltage applied, and the female clips pulled off of the terminals of the thermostat / thermal fuse. Perhaps someone can clarify the classification(s) of these devices for me.

I am no appliance repairman, that's for sure. I don't know where to go from here...what to check next. I, like most everyone else in these kinds of forums, DO NOT want to be cornered into buying a new dryer, especially since new dryers on the same caliber as this one cost triple that of what I paid for ours only a mere 13 years ago! LOL  :bonk:     :thanks:


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