Author Topic: cabrio washer "ol" error can it be caused by spongy tile flooring or by a move?  (Read 1221 times)

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this Is related to the whirlpool cabrio washer ... giving "ol" error.

A couple weeks ago I bought this washer from my neighbor And it was working fine.

Then when I moved it to my place ( we actually just used a buggy so there was hardly any chance of damage in the move )

I set it up and made sure that it is absolutely level etc.

And now I am getting the "oL" error 

I am thinking the only thing that could be the cause is that in my laundry room on the floor I havethose "spongy" tiles that we find that day care centers ( 24" x 24" multicolored etc. ) I did put it on a piece of wood… But I'm thinking that maybe when the washer fills up and started cycle it detects instability and triggers the "ol"

Does this make any sense or is it truly seem that I was so unlucky that moving it from across the street damaged it somehow.


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That washer or any washer is not designed to work on that type of flooring .It may not be your problem but that's where I'd start .


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