Author Topic: How do I achieve fridge temperature in my freezer for a fridge/freezer Frigidair  (Read 1426 times)

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I don't see how my idea is inefficient.  It's just like closing the register in a room in your house that you're not using.  The cold control senses the refrigerator temperature so it should cycle about the same as the being unmodified.  It requires no new parts and it's easy to reverse if it doesn't work.

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as long as the two compartments are separated by the freezer floor it wont matter what control you use, either the freezer will be too cold or the fresh food section wont be cold enough. I realize the controls are mounted to the ceiling of the fresh food but completely removing the divider floor is your best and cheapest option, creating ONE space, reroute wiring too the controls and mount on the wall, run the cap tube from the cold control up close to the evaporator, leave the back wall of the freezer intact and in place. You may have to move the capillary tube around and adjust control until you get desired temp 34-37 degrees. good luck..

This solution seems the best. I agree that closing one vent or opening it up will create highs and lows. My house is bi-level and the thermostat is upstairs. The downstairs is 67 when the air is turned on after the house heats up and the upper floor is 73-74 degrees. Heat rises. If the temperature probe is in the freezer it won't let it get warm but the temps in the fridge where the kegs are, which need to be consistent, will have varying degrees.

Is there any cooling parts that I need to look out for when cutting out the freezer shelf? How do I test or look for this? Starting taking it apart?
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