Author Topic: LE code on LG LDF7932ST  (Read 1763 times)

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Re: LE code on LG LDF7932ST
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domain, I'll make good use of this info... :) Thanks!

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Re: LE code on LG LDF7932ST
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<<<Hi, several days ago I code the "LE" code for a LG LDF7932ST that we have bought in January 2012, just over two years ago, serial number 102KWAT00248>>>


New FILTER ASSY introduced---to reduce possibility of debris entering CHOPPER (Mascerator) BLADE (causing noise and/or jammed Wash Motor---which would trigger an "LE" error).

Part number has NOT been changed.
Replacement Filter Assy (ADQ32598202) *must* have Date Code of Sept 18 2012 or newer.


<<<My wife says the noise has started several months ago and seems to be growing louder...>>>


New CHOPPER BLADE (Macerator) introduced to stop "Whistling/Grinding/Growling" noise.

Old Chopper: 5832DD4001A
New Chopper: 5832DD4001B


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