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On August 2nd 2013 I received a FourSeven Mini MLR2 from Amazon that I ordered for myself.

Being a flashaholic for many years now my son is not all that impressed when he see's another one of dads new flashlights, but he was impressed with this one and wanted one too so I just told him he could keep it. He put in on his key ring and used it for a few months.

Then on one of the coldest winter nights last year he had a car accident. Ended up sliding off the road and along side a bridge. The car slide down a step embankment, over some large grant rocks and then the front of the car broke through the ice before it stopped.

Luckily no one got hurt. The car was a total lose and at some point he lost his keys too.

Over four months later (today) it's 73 deg F. and sunny outside. I tell my son that we should go back to the seen of the accident and look for his keys. Why he said, not like we are going to find them.

My thinking was we would have a better chance of finding them now before the vegetation has a chance to start growing in the area.

So we drive a few miles out of town to where the accident took place and start looking around. We could not have been there for more then a minute and my son ends up finding them half hidden in the dead vegetation. What a surprise and on top of it all the flashlight still works!

I have a number of flashlights from FourSeven, but I never did reorder myself a Mini MLR2 but after today I may just have to get myself one too. :)
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