Author Topic: Why do electronic control boards for appliances cost so much?  (Read 12 times)

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The cost of electronic appliance repair parts just seem to be going through the roof!

But at the same time we see other electronics drop in price, such as pc's and tv's.

Some may say the electronic items such as TV's and PC's are massed produced and that explains why they are so much cheaper.

If so then how do you explain how a electron computer board like the Raspberry Pi A+ can be sold for only $20.00

What the heck, only $20.00 folks!

I doubt very much that the raspberry pi is mass produced anything close to what TV's, PC's are or even our appliance control boards.

I have seen small defrost control boards that have less parts and less functions then a Raspberry Pi, yet the defrost board can cost 5x as much. Why is that?

There are some really creative people doing some pretty amazing things with the Raspberry Pi. I keep thinking that a Raspberry Pi should easily be able to turn a refrigerator compressor on and off based on box temp along with defrosting it when needed. So why are refrigerator control boards now costing hundreds of dollars when a electronic board like the Raspberry Pi can be sold for only $20.00?
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