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Re: New to the biz....
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Just curious,  how many people were in the class?   I had investigated starting an appliance training program with a local vocational school,   but the paperwork and effort that would be needed to get grants , etc.   would be overwhelming.   According to the director of the school.     I had this idea 20 years ago.    Didn't know if it would be financially feasible.      Fred beat me to it.   My idea was for it to be more like a 1000+  hours of school,   bringing in all the manufactures trainers,  reps,   and also train on commercial products.   Maybe splitting it up into different classes.        You attended class in my service area.

I'm getting old,   who knows,  I still might pursue something like that.    Something that there would be no other thing like it in the country.    I have been talking about this with 2 of my close friends that are techs and getting old like me.    Get the best instructors,  older experienced people who could train the new generation.     And bring in the engineers and trainers from all the factories.   Lots of Lab work with hands on.   Even an internship feature where your class would be in the truck with actual technicians for 2 or 3 months as part of the class.    Almost like a Television station that has internships.   

Abitawheat,  at least now you have the basics -  you do need alot of experience but you have a jump on the techs just starting out that have 0 hours training.  A bit of advice,  take some time and learn to read schematics.   Read this websight regularly.    I have been at this 40 years,  and I learn alot from reading the knowledge imparted on me from the other techs here.    No matter how much you think you know,   remember that you don't know everything.    Every day should be a learning experience.   I've trained alot of techs,   and the moment of truth is when you are in someones house alone and have to make the diagnosis and repair.     Nobody to fall back on.    You have to figure it out and fix it.   Whatever it is.    That is where it really helps to read this websight,  read,  have all your training,  etc.    Read all the service manuals you can.    And don't be afraid to post things and ask.    We are all glad to help you.     

Good luck.     

Thanks for the advice. I also believe that a person never quits learning. I did just land a job with an independent co. in Nashville so i'm pretty excited about that. As to Freds; there were 16 of us in the class. It was very good experience overall. He does seem to have a monopoly of the market. As a person who's been in sales for a while I can certainly appreciate his business skills.

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Re: New to the biz....
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Glad you got a job.    Your daily experiences will help you grow as a tech.   Best way to learn is to work.    I am located very close to Freds,   althougth he's not really my competition.    I know several of his techs pretty well.   On his business side,   He has about 8 appliance techs (may be a few more or less),  also does HVAC  and I've seen a Freds Home Services van which does Handyman type work.    So Freds is pretty big around here.     His appliance side does alot of warranty work,  which I don't do.   Good way to keep all the techs busy.    Fred also used to teach an appliance class at the local community college,  although I'm not sure if he is still doing that. 

Once you get the experience,   then you might want to start out on your own.   But I would just work now and suck up all of the info and experience you can.   Congratulations.   Stay in touch with us.     
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