Author Topic: Video: Lean Manufacturing at GE's Appliance Park in Louisville, Kentucky  (Read 1487 times)

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GE employees in Louisville's Appliance Park show us how lean manufacturing is changing the way appliances are manufactured in the U.S.

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America, the land I love.  Keep our jobs & money here.
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I heard that it was costing too much to ship these appliances from Mexico and other areas. By bringing the jobs back(at a low wage) they appear to be the good guys. Now if they could only build a machine that last longer than 5 years. We could actually make a good living again.

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Takes me back to when I was building trucks for Toyota. Except the terms were in Japanese...

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It all looks good to be made in USA,  but that used to mean that it was a quality product.   We'll see if Ge products improve with this manufacturing. 
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Must be there new six sigma->lean manufacturing. I am sure there is no union jobs there.

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We know how to make good appliances but when they last to long its bad for the economy., have to keep everyone busy. The manufactures, the sales men the parts guy and the repairmen. The problem now is they need to keep a balance. There breaking down to fast. I tell my customers to look at the yellow energy stickers on the appliances.  The farther the arrow to the left (less energy consumption) the bigger piece of garbage it is. The more energy efficient an appliance is the more electronics,sensors,undersized compressors. and other crap the appliance has.... I would rather have the easy payment plan like a little higher electric bill each month then a big repair bill all at once.   Oh and as regards to the video. I hope something in the video is not just ge bs.  cause I think you only need to creat one job for adding the GE lable to a samsung refrigerator. Nothing worse than thinking you have a good money making call only to find out its a freeking samsung...   ;(
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