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LG refrigerator cooling not work


I have a LG refrigerator that can not get cold (both refrigerator and freezer). I check the back. The capacitor is warmer (not hot). I also checked the circuit board, and found a big capacity circled with white soft solid (please see the attched figures), is it a normal capacity or not?
Any recommendations for repairing?

Don't worry about the board for now.  Need model and serial number.

We would be happy to offer some information to you concerning service on your unit. If you are looking to service the unit yourself you can contact one of the regional parts distributors below to purchase a service manual:

Electronics [West/Midwest Region] 800-***-****, pass [East/SE Region] 866-**-****, Electronics [Central/East Region] 800-**-****, and/or [Central Region] 800-**-****.

Or, you may contact an Authorized Service Center to render the service for you. You can get this information by visiting our support website at www.***.com ^CL

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If you would post the model number I maybe able to locate a .pdf service manual that you could download free of charge.

LGElectronics, you are welcomed to use our forum if you are going to post helpful information.
Anything else is not cool...


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