Author Topic: GE Profile PFS22SISBSS (French Door, Bottom Fridge) warm fridge  (Read 1339 times)

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My fridge temperature can't seem to get below 50 degrees, the freezer seems to be holding its own at 0.  I checked all the thermistors with a meter and the self dioagnostic test, all are good.  The evap and condenser fans (I had to replace the main board about 6 months ago because the condenser fan output died) are running.  The compressor is running (Hot to touch).  The defrost heater ohmed out good.  The only problem I can seem to find is that the damper may not be working properly, the air flow into the frdge does seem a bit low.  I can hear the damper stroke when I force it with the diagnoistic test.   The only test it didn't pass was measureing 6VDC between J3-1 and J3-4 for the first 10 seconds after power up.  What am I missing, do i have to buy another mainboard after just 6 months?

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Re: GE Profile PFS22SISBSS (French Door, Bottom Fridge) warm fridge
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Maybe ice on condenser is blocking airflow.


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