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Author Topic: LG 1832 washing machine  (Read 681 times)

Offline greg g

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LG 1832 washing machine
« on: May 23, 2013, 03:38:59 PM »
How do you check to see if the Stator is bad. I had the hall sensor replaced. It ran 5 loads and now gives me the LE code again. I have traced all the wires there are no broken wires. The repair guy said that they do not make the board for it anymore. So I am at a loss right now on what to do. Do you just touch the volt meter to the plugs on the stator to check Ohms. Id so mine read all zero's.

Thanks Greg

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Re: LG 1832 washing machine
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2013, 07:02:45 PM »
<<<How do you check to see if the Stator is bad>>>


The STATOR is virtually bullet-proof and therefore almost never fails.


<<<I had the hall sensor replaced. It ran 5 loads and now gives me the LE code again. I have traced all the wires there are no broken wires.>>>


Check the following:

1) Using the correct type and amount of laundry detergent?

HE: (2) Tablespoons Per Wash

HE 2X (double concentrated) : (1) Tablespoon

HE 3X (triple concentrated): (1) Teaspoon

Using the *detergent instructions* and/or the MAX LINE in the *liquid dispenser cup* can cause a suds-triggered "LE" error.

2) If the above is not the cause...replace the short WIRE HARNESS that is located at the rear of the washer (under the MOTOR). Although the wires may visually appear perfect---internally---a wire may be broken due to years of shaking/gyrating/moving during the spin cycle.

Even though a wire has severed within the insulation---it may function at times until the tub begins to wobble/shake. At which point the data-feedback from the Hall Sensor-to-the-Main Board becomes "lost"---and an "LE" error occurs (in an intermittent fashion---not every cycle).

 Part number: 6877ER1016B

3) A slim possibility exists---that the MAIN BOARD has failed (this is the least likely cause of an "LE" error).



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