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Author Topic: Samsung DMT400RHB - problem  (Read 1781 times)

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Re: Samsung DMT400RHB - problem
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This has been an ongoing problem and I am a DIY so advice is appreciated. The first sensor wasn't that dirty at all and I cleaned it, but it eventually gave me problems again so I ordered a new case sensor. I've replaced the water level sensor and subsequently had to clean it several times. I finally got tired of having to uninstall and reinstall and I can get it to work by banging on the interior of the dishwasher right where that sensor sits, but I really have to bang it a number of times and pretty hard to. I periodically have to run the unit with nothing in it to flush it out and then get about three days worth of trouble free usage, but then I'm banging on it to get it working again. I'm about ready to put the thing out by the curb. Any advise appreciated.


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