Author Topic: Ge washer transmission bearing replacement (lower)  (Read 6986 times)

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Re: Ge washer transmission bearing replacement (lower)
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For some reason, didn't get the entire reply thread last time here... I didn't catch it. After registering I posted the reply, reloaded the bog and saw that there was a LOT more of it. The bearing you suggested metric and is a much better choice as it has a 52 mm OD (2.0472) which is identical to the OEM unit that comes out. It would be a nice press fit in back in. An English bearing, such as the one I used,  has a 2.0000 OD and is sloppy in the hole with about .020 on all sides. I used 1 wrap of shim stock and Loctite Stud & Bearing Mount to fill the gap and it seems fine. The 3 dimpled metal peens that hold the OEM in place seem to center the 2.0000 well and hold it, but it isn't a press fit. When I was digging around locally for the bearing I came across a couple of 'It's special, we would would have to order it' and a price tag just south of $40 after a week or two. I really didn't pursue it much further. I hate that word 'special' and snagged the English unit for $14.00 with tax and made it work. Acceptable in this application, but not absolutely correct either. I looked up the number on eBay and found out I paid twice what I should have. Generally after shipping, mail order is close to a wash with local retail not having to wait a couple of days. This case, not. Most everything I came across is 'free shipping'. I don't think it's going to be a problem with the Loctite. If it breaks loose and starts to spin, I know that 'special' isn't 'unique special' for this critter and will snag the metric unit with the 1" ID.

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Re: Ge washer transmission bearing replacement (lower)
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Wow Fairbanks you really did a great job on this!  I forgot all about the posting but I have done several transmissions for customers and they love the cost of saving money.  I do use a 6205 bearing but a zz as opposed to a rs, I also use a bearing heater and they go on easy.
Nice work people!


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