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Core charge on parts? Any opinions from fellow techs??

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Pete T:
its the way it rolls, now :

Marcone bought the parts supplier we used 15+ years ago. They were more expensive than the old company and when using online orders the computers weren't removing sold items from stock. Would order a part and it would have 4 in stock, call customer with a price and availability. Get approval and next day parts arrive and surprise that part was back ordered. Lost a few customers as they always want it YESTERDAY.


--- Quote from: itsastarr on April 12, 2013, 11:37:04 AM ---I am charged  a $35  core charge ( usually on integrated  circuit boards?  The only company that is charging me this  is  1st  Source  , now  call
1st Source  Servall.    When i google the same parts  no other company is charging tghis core charge??  Any opinions or ideas??

--- End quote ---

Charge my normal markup adding the core charge to the customer.  I don't even bother sending the core back.  I just trash it and move on.

I am getting whirlpool electronic parts From Repair Clinic & Appliance Parts Pro the boxes are labeled core charge.  Have not talked to RC but APP says to ship old part back to warehouse It came from & in time they will credit my account appropriately.   They told me that the cost off core charge is factored into price of replacement part.   You have to eat the return shipping.   Looks like it is going to be a hassle.    I think it is just a way to get more money for Whirlpool.    The supply parts dealers have nothing to do with the charge, just passed on.

They are all doing this .Just pass it on to customer and don't send the part back.You have to pay to ship it back anyway that can cost 10 to 15 dollars.Not worth sending back my opinion.


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