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Tech Sheet / Wiring Diagram for GE GSD2020F01BB??


Does anybody have a tech sheet or wiring diagram for a GE GSD2020F01BB??

This is the basic model, and it won't drain.  I checked the solenoid and it is strong.  I noticed fiddling with the timer would make it chatter, but not engage long enough to drain.  The machine drains fine if you engage it manually.  I tested the wires and have continuity, plus both door switches engage good. 

I swapped out the timer, and it won't work with the new one, and not with the old one now.

I noticed that the rocker switch for 'heated dry' has one of the terminals snapped off.  Could the drain solenoid get its power through that switch?  Seems unlikely, but the red/white wire is part of the harness that passes to the element. (though not to the switch itself)

Anyway, I need to see a wiring diagram, and it would help if you guys had one, before I have to draw one for myself.

Yes, you need to change rocker switch, will take care of the problem.


Lemme see, should I order this one?  WD21X10083

Or this one WD21X10083?


They are only 3.56 each, go ahead & get both.  ;D :D :2funny: :2funny: :rofl:

I could pick it up for the APP price & retail it at the $ears price and make $74!

Yeah, That's the ticket!


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