Author Topic: GSS25sgmc bs / Dispenser area sweats, frost buildup between ice maker & door  (Read 3428 times)

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Rusty or stripped screws? I carry a set of screw removers. They work pretty well on most all kinds of screws.

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Screw remover looks interesting. I could use it anyway. Thanks!

The only reason i mentioned replacing the control board, is that many part suppliers say you have to replace when replacing the moisture kit.
Is the heater controlled by the control board or is it on all the time? Maybe a timer or thermostat on the board? If it's a higher wattage heater, the timing might be different. I think i read somewhere that the original heater is 3 watts & the replacement is 10 watts

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Has anyone ever installed the moisture kit?

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Here's a pict.
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