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Re: Steamer
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no heat on vent fan. just put in freezer shut door .then I go to my truck get part fill out bill and line up my next callgo back in house and it's done.big time saver for me

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Re: Steamer
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     I've used the bath towels in the past,  but lately I bring in wet vac.    Reason is lots of people around here have wood floors and get freaked out about water on them.     I usually block up drain tube (I carry a variety of sizes of rubber stoppers) and lay a small towel down.    As drain pan fills,  I hit it with wet vac and usually get no mess at all.    I have a variety of steamers,  a Shark,  a Sylvania,  some other brands.    I get them when there on sale,   and have right now 5 extra ones in my garage.   The winter is rough on them,   and I usually go through about 3 a year.     
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