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how do you guys make money?

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Ok, if you can repair something but what if the next part decides to crap out and that part is NLA? 

I have been in that kind of situation.  Look at Thermador.  Their control boards are NLA after 4 years.  Small jobs like ignitors or switches or couplers can be done and I wouldn't back away from them.  When it comes to control boards, transmission jobs and anything major where it reaches that halfway point to replacement, I get on the computer and check to see if there is any other major parts that can go bad and are not NLA.  The new technology is out there and they're ramming it down our throats.  Gotta stay up to date on the new stuff. 

As an appliance OWNER, not a tech, I see the same issue as the auto industry....self-taught shade tree mechanics are rapidly becoming a thing of the past.   Cars are too techy, and a good portion of the appliance industry, as well.   I would not consider taking my car to a garage that as a minimum does not have ALL their mechanics ASE certified.   I am actually taking both Mazdas strictly to the dealer for routine maintenance.

In appliance world, there is still that low end segment of units with mechanical controls, non-digital timers, etc  etc.   But even THEY have SOME electronics.   And I suspect the majority of that market is sold to appartments, who try to have their jack-of-all-trade do the maintenance.

SO the service world will evolve, but there will be a demand for trained techs.   The new appliances , based on observations here at the forum, have NOT proved to be any more reliable than older ones, just more complicated and expensive to repair.   SO, a homeowner will be faced with a dilemma.....send a lot to repair an unit he paid $1000 ++ for, or simply dump the high end unit and buy a $299 HD special replacement

That's why the average consumer will want to check on references such as Yelp and Angie's List for the good repair people.  If you have a good review, you will get more calls.  So keep yourself up to date as much as possible.  Seek help from other technicians, even your competitors.  The old saying still goes..."scratch my back and I'll scratch yours."

Can you review yourself on Angie's List?

Last compliment I got was "who else we gonna find who don't stink & can talk in complete sentences?"

I'm just waiting for the money to start flowing in!

Don't know.  Go to your friends computer and review yourself there.


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