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GE Profile refrigerator PSS26SGPASS Service Manual

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--- Quote from: degas123 on November 15, 2012, 06:21:24 AM ---AJ, I have seen this manual (31-9075 GE Arctica Side-By-Side CustomCool Refrigerator.pdf) listed on various sites including yours. Although it doesn't cover the 26" model which I have, do you think it is closer than the manual you provided me earlier in this thread? Thanks
PS I sent a pay pal donation for all the help

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Service manual sent via pm.
Thanks for the donation, much appreciated.

The new damper assembly has fixed the problem. The old damper was flopping around. The only thing is that after 2 days, my freezer is set to 0 degrees but stays at 3 degrees, my FF is set to 37 degrees but stays at 40 degrees. Not sure why it won't set exactly like it used too, but I can live with this.


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