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Author Topic: Dryer Do's and D'OH's  (Read 99 times)

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Dryer Do's and D'OH's
« on: September 20, 2012, 07:22:13 PM »
Typical dryer call. Dryer is dead, won't do anything.  So I pick up the house key and head over.

He's right, it won't do anything.

I check power at the outlet.  That's good, but there is a heavy coat of lint over everything behind the dryer.

I think to myself, "No problemo.  Burnt thermal fuse, or other cutout.  Be done quick!"

Off goes the back, and we're into the dryer:

Thermal Fuse OK.

Hmm.  I'll check further.

Hi-limit OK.

Cut-Off OK.

Cycling T-stat OK.

Hmm.  Hey, lets check the door switch.

Sounds good.  But let's be sure.

Remove lint trap, unscrew top from housing, insert putty knife & lift, grab door switch wires & fiddle w/ connector, test switch, and test again.

Door switch OK.

Double check that belt is ok.  No, that's GE, not Whirlpool.  Belt is OK anyway.

Put top down, plug in dryer, and give it another stab at the start button.


Fiddle w/ timer.  Seems OK

Open back of console & check start button.

Start button OK.

Hello, what is This?  I didn't expect you.  (shrug)  You look ok, but we'll get to you in a minute.

Take a gander at the harness.  Harness OK, no kinks, tears, loose wires, breaks, or anything obvious.

Sigh.  Timer.  Grimace.   

Check other knobs, temp setting, buzzer, air fluff, wrinkle control.  I know these aren't the problems, but I hate testing the timers.

Sigh.  Timer. Grimace.

Turn timer knob.  See if it seems ok, even if I already checked it.

Wait a sec.  Something is funny.  Not much clickin' goin' on.  Sigh.

Pull some wires, hook up meter, twist knob.  Nothing.

Dead timer, looks like.  Still no clicking though.

Get tech sheet, start looking at which contacts open when.  Start tryin' to figger this thing. 

Twist knob some more.  Dang!  There's cams & everything in there!  Why can't I get a click?!

Get up, mad-dog timer knob, & give it a good twist.  "Click you Sumuvagun!"

Hold it.  Is it off center?

Press down & twist.


Plug dryer in.  Push start.  Whirrrrr!

Twist knob.

No click, no stop, just Whirrrr!


Unplug dryer.

Remove knob.

Look in back.

Big Split.


Put it all back together.

Tell customer all he needs is a knob.


Tell customer that the knob for this model is $38 bucks.

 >:( :ahhh: :tickedoff:

Oh yeah.

The service call only covers the 1st 1/2 hour.

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Re: Dryer Do's and D'OH's
« Reply #1 on: September 22, 2012, 02:53:32 AM »
That same thing happened to me So....................Many years ago I don't want to say.   Now,  first thing I check is the timer knob,   pull off and check if split.    GE's especially,  those knobs are crap.   Once Burned......................
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Offline andersenappliance

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Re: Dryer Do's and D'OH's
« Reply #2 on: September 22, 2012, 10:39:22 AM »
Yeah, I'm pretty new at this.  I'm diagnosing the problem before even seeing the machine, looking for something sophisticated.

Broken knob.  [face-palm]


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