Author Topic: Dyson DC08 Animal (small hoover) motor making loud noise and burning smell?  (Read 6692 times)

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Hello, I've just started having problems with my Dyson. it was working fine, all the filters on it were new. I had just finished cleaning out my little furries and hoovering up loose hay and bedding, then went on to continue hoovering the louse with no problem. I was cleaning the kitchen afterwards and this is when the hoover started to make a really bad noise and smell.

I have since opened up the Dyson and discovered there seems to be a problem with the motor. Could someone please tell me if there is a way to open up the motor housing? The motor looks like this:

I can see some inverted screws, by which I mean I see the tapered end but the actual head is inside the housing. So how else would I open it up?

Thank you for your consideration.

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Is the smell really ba-a-a-a-a-d ?   :rofl:
"It's only expensive if someone else fixes it for you" -
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Quite, but not as much as my need to find out how to open up the motor housing.

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Most vac motors are not servicable except the brushes. Once they start making a burning smell it's usually time to replace them.

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Very old topic, but by far the most common burnt smell from a vacuum is the belt.

Typically, thread, hair or string builds up around the roller bearings, and when they finally tighten up enough to slow the belt, the motor shaft starts to melt through the rubber belt.

I used lots of vacuums in my cleaning business.  All of them were free.  All of them either needed a new belt or the bag changed.  All worked well regardless of cosmetic condition.

Only once have I run across bad motor brushes, and in that instance it caused intermittent operation, when the worn brushes made momentary contact.

It seems that people, using their vacuum only a few times a month, think that after a few years, when it just "doesn't have suction" (full bag) or it "smells funny" (burning belt from seized roller) , their vacuum is old and needs replacement.

It is rare that vacuums get enough miles on them to really kill the motor.  Usually, some essential plastic tab on the body breaks that makes the vacuum no longer worth dealing with.

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I don't work on vacuums but a vac tech I know calls them Die-Soon.

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I don't know much about the Dyson brand specifically. My comments were for vacuum cleaners in general.

I do know that the Dyson vacuum is a status symbol in SoCal.  Almost as good as having a nanny.  I've heard that they are doing good things with the technology, but I don't kick out $500 for a vacuum.  I get 'em for free. O0

The dyson hand dryers I've seen in bathrooms seem to work well, but I still'd rather have paper towels.


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