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Author Topic: "Why would central planners want to monitor and control our appliances? "  (Read 65 times)

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That's a quote from an article from Lewrockwell.com.

The Smart Grid Is the Control Grid

The article seems to verge on the side of paranoia, thinking the gov't might want to turn off your appliances.  And the change to remote meter reading seems normal enough.  Why pay someone to get bit by the dog, when the meter, with today's technology, can just "phone" in the information?  There has been quite a bit of paranoia regarding these meters, anywhere from debilitating sickness to an in-depth logging of your energy usage, including what devices you use, and even what you use them for.

I've heard that there is a device which can remotely read what is on your computer screen, so I don't doubt that the technology can exist, but is it worth using.

More to the point, will they mandate "black boxes" on your appliance so they can shut it off in peak energy demand times?  I can just imagine the troubleshooting on that!  We'll blame every intermittent problem on the appliance police, and collect juicy service calls when they shut down someone's toaster!  :D

What I really wonder is if we'll reach the point of hacking appliances, or undoing some of this efficiency garbage just so the fridge will actually keep the beer cold, or the washer will actually wash your shorts.

This line of thinking may not be too far fetched.  It used to be that a policeman (human witness) was necessary to write you a ticket, but now, cameras send 'em out, and they're issued through some corporate person who "reviews" the video, and is thus the "witness."

I wonder what'll be coming next.  We may end up being like Robert DiNero's character in Brazil.

As an aside, I understand that our electric grid in the U.S. is  so old and beat up, all you need is a possum or a solar flare to take out major sections.

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Re: "Why would central planners want to monitor and control our appliances? "
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2012, 11:50:09 AM »
I have been on a number of dryer calls were the problem ended up being the power was cycled off because it was connected to the off peak service.

Easy money. :)


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