Author Topic: LG WM2455HW Drum Struggles to Turn and Makes Screeching Noise - Ideas?  (Read 1909 times)

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Well, at least I wasn't left with a load of dirty AND wet happened during the rinse cycle. 

I had six pillowcases in a small speed wash cycle.  I was in the next room, from where I could hear the washer filling.  After the washer filled for the rinse cycle, it made an awful screeching noise.  When I went to see, the drum was trying to rotate for the rinse, but not able to make a complete rotation.  I switched to the drain and spin cycle, leaving the laundry in the drum.  I watched after the water drained, and saw that the drum was still not rotating, and it was still making a screeching noise, although not as loud.  I took the laundry out, and let the spin cycle continue for a few minutes to remove the remaining water.  The drum finally turned on its own, but not quietly. 

I have acquired the service manual, but have not open the machine cabinet yet.  Any suggestions, ideas, tips on how to approach this? 

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Unplug nit. Remove the belt off the rear of tub. Turn the tub pulley. May have a faulty tub bearing. The spider arm may have broken. If so the wash basket will not be centered and will come in contact with outer tub. That will make a shrubbing noise.

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Sounds like the bearing is shot.  Check the bearing by grabbing the top of the drum and rocking it up and down.  If you can hear a clunking noise, the bearing is shot and needs to be replaced.  Hope this helps.
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Thanks for the replies.  I'll update when I have news.


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