Author Topic: Washer Issue - Runs, Fills, Start Wash...Loud Grinding for 60s, Drain, Spin Done  (Read 8165 times)

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Hey All

Got a new ‘recirculation pump’ (PART#:22002792) and its all good. Actually I bet I could have left the old one in there and would have been fine also... but only after...

Once I took the ‘recirculation pump’ off to my surprise I found a few things in there that should have not been there and how it got in there is another story but I think it took a while for some of this stuff to work it's way into the pump  :D.

Found junk in there with something that looked like metal (hmmm screwdriver bit and something and more junk) so this stuff must have been working its way down for a while. Once I cleaned the original pump out I could have used it again but I did see a lot of scuffing and wear on the plastic fan and the enclosure. Since I had the new pump and everything was apart I just replaced it and kept the old one just incase.

Put it all together and runs like a 9 year old washer should (even after a little Control Board soldering and resistor/capacitor changes...).

ALL GOOD  O0  O0 ... Thanks guys... especially AJ for confirming my suspicions about the part...


SOLUTION: if you hear noise only a certain part of the wash for short periods I would just take the recirculation pump off and check the hoses around the pump (while your at it just take both off on the MAH4000) and clean around and put it back. Hope for the best as most likely that will get rid of the noise... my two bits
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Glad to hear you got it repaired. :)
Hope you find our site helpful.


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