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Author Topic: Maytag Neptune Very Noisy During Spin  (Read 4456 times)

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Maytag Neptune Very Noisy During Spin
« on: April 24, 2008, 10:14:55 PM »
Model #MAH4000AWW, this unit was washing fine, but during the spin cycle would start making a loud noise. After removing the rear access panel, it was apparent that the rear bearing has seen better days. Sometimes the bearings will fail due to age, but often, their life span is shortened by using the wrong detergent or to much detergent. By using non he detergent or excessive amounts of detergent, large amounts of suds will be the result and these suds will allow water to come into contact with the rear bearing seal and eventually over time, get to the bearings themselves. So to prevent an expensive repair, use the correct detergent, and the correct amount as recommended by your washer manufacturer. This unit is 9 years old and the customer decided to go shopping instead of continuing with the repair. But had they wanted it done, a lip seal kit and basket support would be used to get it back in working order.

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