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LG dryer won't stop running

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Great, thanks so much for the help!

Is this something I can reasonable do myself? Any tips for getting to the control board? Anything else I should try before buying this part? I already cleaned the lint trap and sensors as people on other forums suggested and that didn't fix the problem.

This is for a gas dryer, but disassembly is IDENTICAL. You only need to watch up to 1 minute and 30 seconds or so. The main PCB is mounted to the display PCB on the rear of the control panel... O0 O0 O0 O0

Hey everyone,  I just got a call on a 14 month old Kenmore electric dryer (made by LG) with the same exact problem.  The motor won't shut off but you can run the cycle by powering up the board, selecting a cycle and pressing start but it won't shut off without opening the door or unplugging it.  I guess I will order and replace the board.  Thanks!!!

Thanks for the information.  My 3 month old LG DLEX2650W Electric Dryer just began doing this.  I'm glad it is under warranty, the part is almost $200 dollars.  Hope they fix it well and it does not recur.

Makes you wonder when you find so many other people have experienced the same issue!


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