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no door will not open
If the water in collecting on the bottom of the freezer and freezing to ice it is 100% a clogged or frozen drain. Your water valve has nothing to do with the freezer, since your ice maker is in the door there is no water lines, tank, valve anything like that in or around your freezer. Your fridge normaly goes in to defrost mode ever 8-12 hrs or so unless you turn off the ice maker or open the doors less that day. It will calculate a new time anywhere from about 16-30+ hrs.
Dishwasher Repair / Re: Samsung DMR78 service manual HE error
« Last post by 4JawChuck on February 19, 2017, 11:14:56 PM »
Thanks, the heater is open so its an easy fix.

Anyone have any sources for parts in Canada?

I've ordered a new heater off E-Bay ($121.40CDN delivered), wanted $437 CDN for the same part!!!
Yes, when I turn off the ice maker the water stops flowing into the freezer.   I will take a look at the other suggestions.   Thank you,
I have seen this before. Its usually from when someone over stocks the freezer, they pull open the drawer and it rips the sensor out of the roof of the freezer. :oops:
How much wire is left in the freezer? if there is enough wire that you can splice a new sensor your in luck it can be fixed. Other wise the unit is no good. Technically the sensor is not serviceable/ non repairable. but if there is enough wire you can splice ( really any Samsung refrigerator temp sensor will work if you want to try your local parts house. All Samsung refrigerator temp sensors have the same resistance values. The best way to connect them would be a soldering iorn and heat shrink but you could use some but connectors if you need to.
It sounds like you have a clogged drain. its not terribly uncommon on these.
Unplug the unit, pull out all your food, and the drawers from the freezer.
With the door pulled all the way out look on the metal rails for a plastic pin towards the back of the rails on each sid. push the pin in while pulling on the rail out wards. remove the door with both rails.
Remove the rails on each side, there is about 3 Philips screws on each. keep track of where they go.
Now you can finally take a pair of needle nose pliers and pull the back cover off. pull from the top vent but not on the fins. once loose reach in and unplug your 2 fan plugs and your temp sensor. remove the cover and set aside. Before going much farther take a moment to go to the back of the fridge, remove the cover on the bottom they are all Philips screws. you can slide the cover over the water line. look inside for your drain tube and remove, clean it in the sink. (looks like this )
take a moment to vacuum out and dust/dog fur build up.
Now back to the freezer. you can use a steamer, hot water, or a hair dryer to melt the ice below the evap clogging the drain. be very careful of the evap it is sharp and can be damaged very easily but sharp objects.
make sure to pour some water down the drain to confirm it goes down and out to the drain pan. and your FIXED. all you have left is to put everything back together and plug it in.
If you are haveing any troubles or if i was to confusing here is a basic video for you. this is not the same fridge as yours but you will get the idea.
there are more videos on youtube if you still need help just search for LG frozen drain.
Good luck  :)
when you hit the ice paddle is the dispenser door opening?
Refrigerator & Freezer Repair / Re: Samsung Control Panel Temp shows OF OF
« Last post by Risen on February 19, 2017, 05:45:58 PM »
OF OF is demo mode (cooling off)
Check that the child lock is not on by holding ice off for 3-5 sec there should be a little lock symbol
To remove from sales mode press and hold energy saver and freezer temp for 3-5 sec unit you here the "ding dong sound"
If unit is entering sales/demo mode on its own try placing it in child lock mode and see if it enters demo mode by its self if it dose sounds like a main board if it stops only with child lock on its a User interface.

The unit shouldn't be going in to demo by its self
User interface part number da97-11332r
or a bad Main PCB da97-00147b.
According to the wiring diagram, the FZ evap fan motor is directly wired to the control board. Check to make sure you have 120V going to the fan, if so. If unplugging the fan motor returns everything to normal, it sounds like you have a bad fan motor.
The part number for the Fan motor is 5304498691
If you want a new fan blade the part number is 5304490957
If you change the fan motor and still have problems the only thing left it could be is a faulty control board 5304498695
Refrigerator & Freezer Repair / Re: ge french door fridge damper repair Model CWE23SSHCSS
« Last post by Risen on February 19, 2017, 05:13:17 PM »
This unit is a dual evap, so there shouldn't be a damper. But there is a service flash for this model about troubles with the FF evap fan.
You will also have to purchase the software update as part of the repair. part number WR98R465901
This might be covered if you speak to GE about it. Here is a link on the instructions.
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