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Thanks!  YES, that is what I was looking for.  Since the unit was still under warranty, I called a service tech to come have a look.
The first thing he did was to open the Left French Door of the Refrig, take out the Ice Cube box, and look at the Frosted and Iced
up Fan.  From there he left it to me to somehow Defrost it, and call back if it didn't start making Ice.

Things I learned about making Ice in the Top of my Refrigerator:
1.  The Ice Box has a small Evaporator Coil in series with the Real Evaporator Coil, and the Ice Maker (IM) Fan must be operational.
     There is also a Defrost Heater Coil, and a Temperature Switch that controls the Defrosting.
2.  The Freezer and Refrigerator Settings a typical user can access are SETPOINTS, and NOT a Temperature Display.
3.  Actual Temperatures of Refrig and Freezer must be accessed by Diagnostic Menu Items #29 & #30.
      It would appear that a typical user would need to know the Refrig and Freezer Temperature on the Display, and that the
      SETPOINTS for Refrig & Freezer would be Factory set in the Diagnostic Menu, since folks don't need to change them hourly, daily, weekly
      and otherwise have no clue as to actual Temperatures inside the unit.
4.  If the Actual Refrig & Freezer Temperatures are not within +-X (~4 Degrees) of a SETPOINT, it doesn't make Ice..PERIOD!
5.  If the IM Fan isn't running, it doesn't make Ice..PERIOD!
6.  If the IM Evaporator is FROZEN UP, it's a bitch to defrost,  but possible, without full disassembly.  No Clues in the Service Manual!
7.  If you disassemble, you need the FGHB28 Service Flash Gasket Kit to properly repair the unit for re-assembly.
8.  It takes a LONG time for the IM to recover, as each tray takes a multitude of hours before another Harvest completes.
9.  The Service Manual covers THREE different Ice Makers for this Refrigerator.
      Fresh Food Compartment Ice Maker (Flex Tray)
      Fresh Food Compartment Ice Maker (Finger Evaporator)
      Freezer Ice Maker

At least it's making Ice.


Purchased refrigerator from Se@rz, had their serviceman come out to fix.  As you mentioned the fridge temp slowly began to rise.  It barely made it through Easter brunch.  In the end new compressor, checked for leaks and $0 spent, nada, all warranty. Thanks again
Hi All,

The control board came in, shipped with FedEX and packaged well. It looked the same unit but when I removed the unit from the dryer I was in for a surprise. The newer model is MISSING certain plugs, most notable the 2 for the sensors/thermostat!

I had ordered this unit but my old unit is this one

It turns out that 6871EC1121D was replaced with 6871EC1121A: (The manufacturer or RepairClinic has replaced part number 6871ec1121d with this item, part number 6871EC1121A.)


The newer unit does NOT have plug BL3 NOR the plug for the fire sensor / thermostat but it DOES have an 4 pin extra plug underneath the transformer (no current connector would go connect to that.

Plug BL3 is the EXACT plug I had measured before and it's the one leading to the GAS VALVES. (recall, I was not getting any voltage on the coils so they'd never open).

These are the pins I expect +90 volts on to actually open the GAS VALVES

I fail to see how the valves would ever open when the control plug is not going to be connected on the new board?

I found another website showing the the A part replaces the D part:

I tried there online help:

Chatted with Susan
[Visitor] How are you?
[Visitor] I am looking at this part 6871EC1121A
[Visitor] It replaces this part: 6871EC1121D
[Susan] Good, thanks!
[Visitor] but 6871EC1121D has more plugs
[Susan] Just a minute please.
[Visitor] where does the connector to open the valves get connected to? How will the valves ever open?
[Susan] This part # 6871EC1121A is listed as the proper replacement for part # 6871EC1121D.
[Susan] I do not have any more information than that.

Anyone seen this before? Return it another the Amazon 'D' model?
Thanks, guys. That's what I was wondering about. Pay now or pay later, I guess....
Maybe I should just repair mine again.
Washer Repair / Re: Looking for opinions on a new washer from the guys who fix them
« Last post by tgoods on April 21, 2014, 10:24:21 AM »
I'd fix the one you have.  There's not a topload washer I can recommend except maybe a Speedqueen and it's over your $500 budget.
Tools, Equipment & Other Products / Re: Krazy Glue
« Last post by LowSL2 on April 21, 2014, 09:57:28 AM »
I use it to glue cuts back together. Stings like a SOB, but saves you from having to change bandages twenty times during the day.
Good machine for the price now.    Trouble is they break down after a year or two.   Repairs are not cheap.   Several washers out there for cheap.    All break down sooner than later.     My opinion.    Fact:  not made with dependability. 
Washer Repair / Looking for opinions on a new washer from the guys who fix them
« Last post by g3_ultra on April 21, 2014, 08:51:32 AM »
Hi guys! The tub seal just started leaking on my 15 year old Amana LWA50AW. I replaced it once about 6 years ago and it's been good til now, but considering the age of the machine and the expense and difficulty of the repair, I think I'm gonna cut my losses and buy a new one. I'm not an "appliance tech", but I'm a maintenance mechanic/HVAC tech and always repair my own appliances; I've just decided not to at this point. I'm not wanting to spend a lot of money on a high end machine with all the electronics, bells and whistles.

I'm wanting to spend less than $500 and am looking at the Maytag Centennial MVWC425BW. Any opinions on these or does anyone have any recommendations for something better under $500? I have to get something this week to keep the wife happy.

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