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Refrigerator & Freezer Repair / Bosch fridge side by side not cooling
« Last post by Rtek on May 22, 2016, 10:08:37 PM »
I would like to get your help diagnosing the problem with my fridge.

My fridge, Bosch B22sn50sns stopped working one day. Some alarm was ringing. The fridge and the freezer were both at room temperature.
I called Bosch customer service and they sent their technicians to troubleshoot the problem.

First visit: They found a coolant leak in the condenser and compressor is busted. They replaced the compressor and the condenser. They left with the fridge on and compressor running. They told us to wait 24 hours until the fridge is cool again. 20 hours later, we hear the same alarm and the fridge and freezer are still at room temperature.

Second visit: The technician replaces the compressor again. He leaves with compressor running and told us to wait 24 hours. 20 hours later, we hear the same alarm and the fridge and the freezer are still at room temperature.

Last visit: the technician replaces the inverter. However, the fridge still does not work. The technicians gave up.

I would like to figure out what is wrong with my fridge.
When powering on the fridge, I observe the following:
-Alarm is shown right away AL.
-Compressor attempts to start 9 or 10 times but eventually stops.
-Both fans in FC and RC evaporators are running.

Any advise would be appreciated.
Refrigerator & Freezer Repair / Re: LG LMX25964SS icemaker not working correctly
« Last post by BryanS on May 22, 2016, 09:09:05 PM »
I haven't changed many of those valves.  I have replaced them for leaking.  You would need to unhook the wire harness, put your meter leads in, cycle the ice maker and see if you get 120v at any point during the cycle.
I guess i have mis-spoken about the ice-arm, it is the metal part (arm) where it actually recognize the bin is full and turn off the ice maker which is off.
thank you for the reply and tip, Bryan.  How do I check if there is any voltage going to the water valve. 
I know there is ohm in the valve, but I am not sure if voltage is going from the ice maker to the water valve.   Would you suspect that the water valve is no good?
Not sure if it is a hard test or not.   


Refrigerator & Freezer Repair / Re: LG LMX25964SS icemaker not working correctly
« Last post by BryanS on May 22, 2016, 08:10:17 PM »

Well I would replace the icemaker if you had an issue with the ice arm.  There is a reason it got out of place.  You could cycle the ice maker and check voltage at the water valve.  The water valve is on the inside of the left door behind the cover under the ice bin door.  It will be the solenoid with the smaller tubing(1/4").  If you get 120v from the icemaker to the water and not water, you want to blow through the line to see if it is frozen.
By the way, forgot to mention that the water dispense is actually working all this time.
Not sure if that will eliminate the water valve malfunction.
Refrigerator & Freezer Repair / LG LMX25964SS icemaker not working correctly
« Last post by cho76ers on May 22, 2016, 07:58:47 PM »
Hello, i need some help on my LG ice maker, not sure if I need to change the ice maker or the water valve.

It began with the metal arm on the ice-maker was somehow in the down position and off gear.  I opened it and was able to line it back up.
But the water stop filling afterward.
After putting back everything in order,  No water seems to be filling the ice maker tray.
I have tested the water valves ohm, and it seems that there is correct ohm on it, about 380.
I did a test cycle with manual water fill and the arm did rotate to swoop the ice out but no success of water filling the ice tray afterward.
Did the on/off numerous time and again, no result of flling water either.
Please help!!! I don't know which part to replace.


Range, Oven & Cooktop Repair / Re: Dacor Range F1 Error Code
« Last post by Dacorneveragain on May 22, 2016, 07:57:25 PM »
Thanks I Scrubbed the door latch mechanism and two black temperature sensors with red reset buttons on top lightly with toothbrush and vacuumed and thus fixed it,   both were covered with dust bunnies and shorting sensors especially during humid weather
Washer Repair / Re: Speed Queen coin operated washer
« Last post by Thorning on May 22, 2016, 05:11:46 PM »
I checked my notes and verified the wire arrangement.  Pink with blue stripe and and a white with blue stripe were connected to the mom on switch.  Possibly the wire splice devices are not cutting thru to the wires . I had to scrap one as it did not connect properly.  Also when this arrangement is utilized the momentary switch must be pressed and/or held engaged for at least 10 or 15 seconds before the water starts to flow. Mine worked OK . I ran several loads of wash using this setup to satisfy my own work. Suggest you recheck the connections. Unfortunately I cant go back to do any further checks as I sold the washer yesterday.
Washer Repair / Re: LG front loading washer
« Last post by domain on May 22, 2016, 05:09:05 PM »
keep flushing rubber backing out manually if needed. it thinks it has water inside i think :tickedoff: :tickedoff:
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