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Hi, did you end up replacing the control board? Part # WPW10084141
Washer Repair / Re: Bosch Front Load long cycle time
« Last post by doczip on Today at 10:57:32 AM »
Hi AJ, sorry for the delay.  I did not replace the drive board or any other parts.  After a lot of research on the slow cycle issue of this washer it was found that the slow cycle is a very common complaint as was wet cloths at the end of cycle.  For each of the selectable cycles on this machine I produced a timing chart for all steps in each cycle and found they all had in common the wash and rinse functions.  The Wash sequence is CCW rotation for 11 sec, then a 5 sec pause, then CW rotation for 8.75 sec, then a 5 sec pause and repeat all steps again until the wash cycle completes which is a little different based on which "Cycle" you have selected.  The rinse sequence is CCW for (1) rotation, a 30 sec pause, CW (1) rotation, a 30 sec pause and repeat.  In the " Normal Cycle " there are 4 rinse cycles of 15 minutes each with a drain and fill between each one.  This cause the " Normal Cycle " to be 1hour and 54 minutes long.  This was very repeatable as it was on all the other " Cycles " although there times were different as expected.  My thought was if I could change the cycle sequence to reflect a wash cycle of CCW 30 sec rotation, pause and CW 30 sec rotation for the length of the cycle, ( as seen in other washers ) and the rinse sequence changed to a similar sequence with fewer rinse cycles, then the over all machine would function within about a one hour cycle with is about what I see on other front load washer.  I contacted Bosch with my thought about the sequence and cycles as well as could a bin file be uploaded to the control board or was there a new control board that has be reprogramed to address the perceived wash and rinse cycle problems and to date I'm still waiting on them to reply.  I'm loosing hope that they will.  In a question to the customer I asked if when they did a wash " did you start the load and then come back at a later time to dry them or did you sit with the washer to check the timing?  They related that they started the load and went on to other things and when they returned the washer was always finished.  It was not until another person actually watch the cycle did they realize the cycle time was about 2 hours which they thought was too long.  If you were to look at the reviews on this machine you would see that the long cycle time and wet cloths and mold were the top complaints.  The customer is still running her Bosch and is working around the long cycle time as she was before.  I'm still waiting on Bosch.  If anyone has additional information or thoughts on this washer please let me know.  Thanks to everyone for the read.
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Sorry for the late replay. Did you find a solution?
Hollow ice cubes are a sure sign of the ice maker not getting enough water.
The ice maker fills on time. So if just a little water was put in the try instead of filling the tray up with water the ice will creep up the side of the tray as it freezes forming a hollow cube. Would be helpful to know the model number of your refrigerator.
Washer Repair / Re: Samsung Washer keeps draining
« Last post by AJ on Today at 10:51:07 AM »
Well that's one way to take care of the problem. :)
Enjoy the new one, thanks for the update.
Washer Repair / Re: Samsung Washer keeps draining
« Last post by aanoor on Today at 10:47:24 AM »
not able to find the solution, Insurance has replaced the unit
Range, Oven & Cooktop Repair / Re: GE range
« Last post by AJ on Today at 10:15:24 AM »
Hi, did you end up replacing a relay then?
Range, Oven & Cooktop Repair / Re: LG LWS3081ST F9 error
« Last post by AJ on Today at 10:12:28 AM »
Hi, sorry for the late reply. Was wondering if you ever found a solution.
   This fridge was probably replaced by Whirlpool. Customer had issues with it from day one.
 Thanks again for your help"'
Not sure on the capacity of your older washer. Wondering what you ended up purchasing and how does it's capacity compare to your old washer?
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