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Program to clean again then cancel. Post model if you have it,( maybe inside locked door area so good luck) from there maybe can tell you more.
Remember to pull the disconnent or cycle breaker off before changing.

Mark each wire before removing and take pictures so you rewire the new contactor correctly.
Chit Chat / Re: Make a Small Air Conditioner Out of an Ice Bucket
« Last post by Applianceman727 on August 29, 2014, 01:02:21 PM »
Im in texas so I think that awsome. I had a friend make almost the same thing except in a cheap Styrofoam ice chest and with a battery operated fan. He used in his tent on a summer camping trip.
Try: Packard C140A. Google it, comes right up.

Single pole. 240VAC, 40FLA (full load amps), 24VAC coil.

It does not have to be the exact OEM contactor. They all function the same. Ensure it is replaced with same configuration (amp rating, number of poles, coil voltage, etc).  The Packard will work. But the 24vac tstat wires will go on each side of coil, not both on one side as yours is now.

MARS is another hvac component manufacurer.
Ok, I will continue to monitor this fridge problem, and I thank you all for your suggestions. 
Wow.....let me tell you the sory of the washer/dryer......
After the new washer/dryer was deliverred, we still had the same problem - the dryer would not dry, the unit would shut off after about 20 minutes of running. 
I called the appliance store, and they were kind enough to swap the new unit out for yet another new unit, thinking that the problem was the unit itself. 
The second new unit also had the same problem.  I was then told to run the unit with the exhaust detached.  Lo and behold, the unit worked fine, ran for 40 minutes, after which I had to shut it off because it was filling the apartment with hot air, and we were having a heat wave outside. 
I had to contact the condo association, because it seemed to be a problem with the venting, and I could not access anything behind the sheetrock (nor should I need to, it is the jurisdiction of the condo association).  They sent their men out, and they had to cut away the sheetrock to get up into the ceiling space.  Turns out, this was a retrofit of a pre-war building, and they used the plastic tubing to exhaust all of the dryers into the main chimney.  Being that we are on the first floor, everyone's (all 12 apartments) heavy lint was settling into the chimney, and causing my unit to get blocked.  Turns out, there was no trap door in the basement either.  I don't know how they managed to get all of the lint removed from the chimney, but they were there for about 3 hours on day one ( to diagnosed the problem) and 9 hours on day 2 ( to cut open the walls, climb into the head space, and remove all of the lint).  Since them, we have not had a problem.
I thank all of you for your help.  There was no way anyone would have known about this, except for the builder, who used a short cut and (likely illegally) vented all of the dryers into the unused chimney.  I think the chimney was probably for an old furnace, but since we all have PTAC units for the heat and air-conditioning, the chimney is no longer being used, at least for heat and oxygen/carbon monoxide transfer . 
This is one to remember! :thanks:
Dishwasher Repair / Re: Kitchenaid Dishwasher
« Last post by emaring on August 29, 2014, 12:49:19 PM »
Just found Technical Service Pointer #W10436103 that describes problem with leaking between doors. Google the Service number and you can find info.
Dryer Repair / Re: ge new basic dryer push start switch
« Last post by LowSL2 on August 29, 2014, 12:47:25 PM »
Check the motor. It might have lint build up on the centrifugal switch. Or one of the springs came off.
Washer Repair / Maytag Staked Washer/Dryer Model-LSE7800ACW
« Last post by kurtellison on August 29, 2014, 12:13:48 PM »
Looking for a service manual....
Range, Oven & Cooktop Repair / Need drip pans for Tappan ET 37
« Last post by MaryH on August 29, 2014, 11:20:46 AM »
At least that's what I think the model number is.  It's an electric cooktop from the '60s or '70s, and the burner liners/drip pans are trashed.  I'd like to replace them but haven't been able to find a source.  Can anyone help?  Much appreciated!
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