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Range, Oven & Cooktop Repair / Re: Jenn-Air JGD8130ADS cooktop
« Last post by Bailey on December 08, 2016, 12:58:40 PM »
There is a rectangular cover to the right of the blower. The spark module should be behind it.
Service Manuals, Wiring Diagrams & Tech Sheets / Re: repair
« Last post by 71scruggs on December 08, 2016, 11:48:19 AM »
im receiving motor codes  F7-E5,F7-E6 but its hard to determine i think it might be actuator please help i might not of put the codes in correctly
Range, Oven & Cooktop Repair / Re: GE Microwave cooktop light not working
« Last post by dentdaddy on December 08, 2016, 10:49:18 AM »
I'd also like to see a pic of the jumper. I didn't know that was an option.
Washer Repair / Re: Whirpool Commercial Top Load Washer (CAE2743BQ0) NO Lights are On
« Last post by scrapiron on December 08, 2016, 08:33:58 AM »
The LEDs are part of the control board. The front panel has "light Pipes" attached to it to help concentrate the light from the LEDs so it's brighter and not diffused. If the LEDs are not lighting at all, the fix would be a new control board.
Refrigerator & Freezer Repair / GE Profile PSC23NSTCSS
« Last post by browniiiz on December 08, 2016, 03:14:57 AM »
Hello, my refrigerator stopped dispensing water more often then not and the ice stopped dispensing completely. It is still making ice though. Here is what I have done as far as diagnostic go.

1. remove ice tray, hold down door switch and push down on paddle. Auger doesn't spin and solenoid doesn't move.
2. remove dispenser board, push down on paddle, ice dispenser solenoid moves slightly but cannot open ice door.

Any suggestions on what I should do next and what parts to replace first? Thanks in advance.
Washer Repair / Whirpool Commercial Top Load Washer (CAE2743BQ0) NO Lights are On
« Last post by pedalbin on December 07, 2016, 10:39:14 PM »
So, I got this odd issue, where the washer is working just fine, but no LEDs come on. When you deposit coins, the green LED should turn on that the unit is ready to operate - no light. You select the cycle and press the "start" button: the machine chicks the lid shut (a light "lid locked" should light up - it does not) and the water begins to pump in (a light "sensing load", etc. should cone on - they do not). And the machine goes through the entire wash cycle as it should, just no indicator lights ever come on. I fear this could be an indicator of a more serious problem with the board. Or could it be just some minor fuse in the control panel? Please help!
Washer Repair / Re: LG Top-Load Washer Model WT1150CW Bleach Dispenser?
« Last post by PawleysDude on December 07, 2016, 07:16:07 PM »
... It's not really a dispenser but a place to pour in the bleach!
Thanks Johnboy, I was beginning to suspect that was true. For years, with our old "low efficiency" washers we just poured in the bleach after the tub filled. This "dispenser" doesn't seem to be any improvement over that method.

I appreciate your feedback. O0 You helped alleviate any concerns our unit was defective. I think we're going to ignore this feature and, like you said, dilute the bleach and add it after we have some water.
Refrigerator & Freezer Repair / Re: LG LFX31925ST/00 3 WAY VALVE PROBLEM
« Last post by Blaiser on December 07, 2016, 07:07:18 PM »
I had the same problem and was told that the 3 way valve is syncronized with Main Board, make sure your Board Matches the 3 way valve - for some odd reason if the 3 way valve does not have the right main Board it won't work.

Mine just happen to have a blocked restricted (soldered over) capillary tube inside the refrigerator at the evaporator from a previous repair - I guess that's how I got it to repair. All fixed now but what a pain in _SS it was for almost a month trying to fix it.
Washer Repair / Re: LG Washer WM2016CW/01 Smoking - No Errors
« Last post by JumpinJackFlash on December 07, 2016, 06:25:10 PM »
Thank you Blaiser!

I'm heading there tomorrow to check it out.    Will report what I find, if anything.
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