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Replaced oven relay board & display board but still get the E84 error code. Could problem be in the control panel(touchpad control)?
Refrigerator & Freezer Repair / GE psh25pstasv
« Last post by phantam on Today at 09:03:46 AM »
Freezer temp set to 0 it will only cool to +5 .   Fresh food set to +35 and will only cool to +37.   Using the manuals procedure I am unable to get the unit into diagnostic mode. No error codes are displayed.  Problem started yesterday when Fresh food temp went to +70 degrees. Any ideas would be appreciated.
Dishwasher Repair / Re: Bosch Dishwasher Not heating Water
« Last post by met on Today at 08:08:34 AM »
Hi, thanks so much for the input. 

I actually checked the current draw of the heater, it was around 10 amps.  Heater resistance was around 13 ohm.  I looked online and found the bosch heater should take approximately 11 amps and should be around 11 ohms, so I am in the ball park.  My expectation is that a restive heater would most likely fail either open, or shorted. 

I am pretty sure the heater should be on at the time I am checking it.  My initial issue is was my dishes were not getting clean, the soap was not fully dissolving, it smelled inside and the cycles were taking forever.  I decided to try one of the cleaners that have a wax pellet that melts out. I ran the unit on the sanitize cycle and the wax pellet didn't melt out.  That is what started me down the trouble shooting path that I am on now. 

Sorry the video link doesn't work.  If you want to see it, try searching on youtube "Flow Switch Resetting on a Bosch Dishwasher"  The video is 7 seconds long and was posted on August 13th. 

The way I understand the system to work is that there is a Micro switch in the heater assembly is activated by a plunger assembly in the heater.  When water is flowing through the heater assembly, the plunger pushes the microswitch in.  This acts as a water flow interlock.  If no pressure, the heater can not come on.  When troubleshooting, I can trace the signal from the relay in the control board to the heater, that appears to be calling for the heater to be on.  However, the microswitch is not made.  I jumped the microswitch out, and I have current at the heater, and the dishwasher finishes it cycle on time. 

What I am trying to show in the video is the microswitch.  When the dishwasher is turned on in mid-cycle, the water flows and the plunger extends out closing the microswitch for a split second.  When this occurs, I have current through the heater.  The plunger then pushes back for some reason disengaging the microswitch and the heater shuts off. 

Am I missing something in my understanding how the system is supposed to function? 

If not, is my issue water pressure from the pump?



Range, Oven & Cooktop Repair / Miele HR1622 fault error code.
« Last post by webstir on Today at 07:47:59 AM »
I was wondering if anyone can tell me what the fault error code of 52/53/&54 is on a miele 1622 range
I was hoping someone had a service manual for a Miele HR1622i or can tell me what Fault error codes 52/53/&54 are....
Refrigerator & Freezer Repair / Re: Sub Zero Mod 650F
« Last post by All Brand on Today at 07:43:21 AM »
thanks going back today,let you know how the pressures are.
Great! Let me knoe if you find it.  Ill buy or borrow it.  Whichever you prefer.
Some old timers might still have the tool-I don't know if I can mine or not-will look around a little.
Dishwasher Repair / Re: Bosch Dishwasher Not heating Water
« Last post by afterblast on August 24, 2016, 11:00:17 PM »
your video link doesn't seem to work.

you say you have voltage to the heater.

do you have an amp meter? preferably a clamp on?  if so check for amp draw when the heater has voltage, if you don't have ampdraw then you have a break in the circuit somewhere after the heater.

also I'm not positive with your model, but most bosh dishwashers I've worked on will not turn the heater on immediately, usually you have to throw it in quick wash and let it get a bit into the wash cycle.

the other thing you could try is to check for continuity through the heater circuit while the pump is on..  you want to pick a part of a cycle where your sure it won't try to turn the heater on while your checking, but  basically just check resistance through the heater circuit from the board (so your testing the harness along with the heater)  if it checks okay then the problem is most likely in the board.

also not sure offhand what the resistance should be for that heater, if you can find the watt rating either on the part, on the tech sheet, or possibly online then you can work out what the resistance should be...
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