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since you already lost the charge... remove the shrader core... most guys forget to remove it when they burn one is... indoing so they ruin the rubber seal on it... replace the shrader and leak check.
Can you put some water in a cup with a thermometer in it, and put it near the top of the fridge and give us a temperature? A infrared gun may give an inaccurate if the door is open long enough

And an empty freezer will make the compressor run a lot more. It looses temperature very fast when its empty. a freezer full of food will help keep temperature and actually save you energy.

My knee jerk reaction is that you have an empty freezer and its keeping the unit working harder

And another thing, all of the manufacturers say that it takes 24 hours to adjust to a change in the coldness settings. there is only like an 8 degree swing between "cooler" and "warmer"
<<<Can anyone confirm that 6871ER1023B will work in my machine?>>>



The Main Board 6871ER1023B is a replacement for the following models...


I checked my inventory (which is extensive)---and regrettably---I don't have the correct Main Board for the WM2032HW washer.
Thanks Dab147315 - I'll try them.

Now three options:

 - Can anyone confirm that 6871ER1023B will work in my machine?  LowSL2 found it on EBAY for me but it looks different (see my post above)
 - This new option for repair
  - identifying the motor relay and getting an electronics expert replace it

Still Hopeful!

Patricio, thanks for the reply. I'm really not sure where the hissing is coming from. :/ I had to listen again when I got home last night. I let the machine run for a while to warm up, then when I turned it off, I could hear a sound coming from the lower coil area (I have the inner panel that covers the coil pulled back while I'm troubleshooting this) but I couldn't pinpoint the source exactly. It's not a leaking sound, BTW. I just mentioned it because it seems to indicate there is freon in the lines. I just wanted to be sure I wasn't misreading that signal, or that the sound is normal when a freezer is turned off. My main concern at this point is trying to confirm if there is freon in the system, or if I'm looking at another cause and from what I can see, it seems like there is freon.

Last night I pulled the defrost thermostat and put it in some ice water to do a resistance test on it and it failed that test, so I have ordered a new defrost thermostat. I also tested again the regular thermostat behind the knob and even bypassed it (even though it passed) but that still didn't help. Will a failed defrost thermostat allow the unit to run but not get cold? Can you bypass a defrost thermostat? I've read that you can and that you can't. I would assume bypassing it would be as simple as connecting the two wires that connect to it. Still, I'm not confident that this will fix my problems. A failed defrost thermostat will cause the freezer to be too cold, right?
Wow -

What a fun experience I had with SEARS parts direct (NOT!)   They said they would ship me the part for 160 - yay!  Of course they switched the part and then refused to cancel the order...until I spent my time traversing the company and getting to the right person.   But I digress...

LowSL2 - thanks for the tip!   But i have a concern - the PN on the ebay part is 6871ER1023B - and I don't see that in the repairclinic  database as compatible.  As you can see in the attached pics - they do have some differences.

Can anyone tell me which component is the motor relay?   Looks like my best option is to find a local board tech who is willing to repair the board - none of the suggested companies will touch this thing.    (ironically - the machine is working right now - but I don't know when it will become possessed again)

Still Broken......appreciate all of the education on this site - after all of this work I can't bring myself to junk the machine over something I KNOW how to fix if I can get the part.....arrgg!  :( :P
Ok, thanks olyteddy. I'll definitely keep an eye out for that.
There is one on ebay for $150
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