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Refrigerator & Freezer Repair / Re: LG LFX31925 not cooling
« Last post by dab147315 on Today at 05:37:17 PM »
I don't work on these read page 49 in this manual.Maybe someone can chime in
Refrigerator & Freezer Repair / Re: LG LFX31925 not cooling
« Last post by hoyer801 on Today at 03:50:25 PM »
I have the same fridge with the same problem. The green light is flashing 6 times for me. What would you suggest I troubleshoot?
nope, I have one customer on his 7th ice maker every 3 months we come out and replace it :rofl:
You can try raising the freezer temp 1-2deg. You can lower the fill volume on the mold. You can losen the large gear screw a tiny bit (still don't know why they suggest this)
Chit Chat / Re: Amazon to start selling Sears/Kenmore appliances
« Last post by mz3own on Today at 03:28:17 PM »
Don't know why whirlpool stock took a hit. They make most of the kenmore products  :rofl:
Hello, first post here! Looking for help diagnosing my fridge/freezer that all of a sudden is only putting out room temp/mildly cold air. I dont have the exact model handy but it is from 2007. 

Here is what I have checked so far:

I removed the freezer panel and there is NO ice or frost whatsoever.
I removed back panel. Condenser fan is running fine.
I cleaned evaporator coil dust in back compartment the best I could with a brush, it doesn't look like there are coils under the fridge from what I can tell.
Fan in the freezer and the fan in the fridge side both run without any significant noise.
All controls on front panel for temp, water, ice etc work.
Lights turn off when doors close.
When touching the compressor it feels warm/hot but doesn't vibrate or or make noise from what I can tell but I am not sure what a functioning one feels like.
I visually inspected the motherboard for puffed capacitors but saw none.

I am ok with a multimeter, but not sure where else to look at this point. Does this sound like a bad compressor? What else can I test?

Thanks so much for the advice!
Has anyone been running across any of these that will start, make one sheet of ice, drop and cut it, then just stop?  LED stays on, but nothing else until you restart it, then again one sheet of cubes and stop.  Board has been replaced,   but problem remains.  Trying to help a fellow tech with this,  says thermistors pass OK on startup.  Ideas???
DD02-17 CSM (Current Sense Module) Causes No Operation or Dead Condition
Refrigerator & Freezer Repair / Re: New fridge brands
« Last post by johnboy3 on Today at 10:13:49 AM »
When customers ask for the best brand to by I tell them there is no best anymore,  but I find Whirlpool built seems to be least bad!
Washer Repair / Re: Looking for washer drain pan
« Last post by ameritech on Today at 09:39:57 AM »
Yes, that looks like exactly what i need... besides the 80 bucks! lol. I appreciate it schleven, that may have to do, but hopefully I can find one cheaper. Ill keep looking...  :thanks:
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