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Refrigerator & Freezer Repair / Frigidaire fghb2844lfs
« Last post by danno65 on Today at 08:06:00 PM »
I have Frigidaire fridge  fghb2844lfs that evaporator fan is not running. Have voltage at plug so tried new fan motor. It does not function either. Ran through diagnostics
every thing passes except evap fan will not run. also noticed that after coming out of diagnostics with freezer open, fridge kicks on. as soon as freezer is closed compressor and condenser fan kick off and don't come back on. If all doors are closed fridge does not run at all after coming out of diagnostics.
Chit Chat / Used Appliance Business Resource Thread
« Last post by applianceswanted on Today at 06:55:58 PM »

Let this thread be a resource to those in the Used Appliance Business. We all know that used appliances are highly sought out by consumers to save a hefty amount of money instead of buying new. Let's create a nice thread to help those of us that need somewhere to go to know what is profitable, and what to avoid selling.

I'll start it out.

Personally White Top Freezer Refrigerators have been a pretty consistent sale for me. I normally sell them for around $180 in the Los Angeles area with delivery included. I'm barely getting into washers and dryers but haven't really hit it off with the right items.

What have you had luck with?
Washer Repair / Re: Maytag Se1000 washer dryer combo water level problem.
« Last post by Dan LJ on Today at 03:35:40 PM »
Maytag SE1000 overflowed on the large load setting, worked on the medium and small although I suspect the water level was too high for those levels. After reading the comments here, thank you by the way, and some videos on youtube regarding other machines, pointing to the problem with a disconnected, clogged, or leaking air tube to the water level valve, I decided to remove the Air tube that connects the tub to the water level switch. Examining the inside of the tube, the sides were covered in slime and debris. I clean out the tube with a small tube brush and continually alternated between tapping the tube to dislodge the debris, brushing and rinsing the tube until it ran clear. Then I tested the tube for air leaks by plugging the large end with the palm of my hand and then blowing on the other end while the tube was submerged in water. No bubbles appeared. I put the clean tube back on the washer and tested the machine. That seem to do the trick. The large load water level stopped filling at the appropriate place in the tub.

Should I replace the air tube anyway (#22 in the attached) just to be safe?
Heating & Air Conditioning Repair (HVAC) / Re: A new Problem
« Last post by AJ on Today at 02:05:45 PM »
Dryer Repair / Re: Dryer producing buzzy sound on regular intervals
« Last post by dab147315 on Today at 01:11:19 PM »
Try running Dryer with belt off idler pulley first.See what happens.
Washer Repair / Re: Maytag 2000 washer - tearing clothes
« Last post by bud on Today at 09:31:13 AM »
Check them after the washer then the dryer. Then lets talk

Don't assume anything.
That's how you chase your tail!
That is the Amana design. The motor turns one direction to agitate. It turns the other direction to spin. If it is agitating when it should be spinning, the motor is turning the wrong direction. That would explain why the tub/basket is hard to turn, the brake doesn't release when the motor is turning in the agitate direction. In the spin, the trans locks up and spins the whole trans which spins the basket. Even if the trans doesn't lock up in the spin, the tub would turn while it agitates.
This model is NOT the WP direct drive.
Dryer Repair / Re: Dryer producing buzzy sound on regular intervals
« Last post by djc2007 on Today at 09:20:10 AM »

I already replaced these components according to procedure and the noise is still there.

Another suggested that it could be the heating element and the baffle grazing one another, even though I straightened out the element after noticing it having been bent. I'm going to remove the drum and run the unit to try and eliminate the motor being an issue, then proceed to check that the element is definitely not protruding in any way along with checking that the baffle is planar.

Feel free to add any suggestions.

Dryer Repair / Re: Dryer producing buzzy sound on regular intervals
« Last post by bud on Today at 09:12:04 AM »
Was there grease in the rear bearing? Is the grounding ball on the rear "shaft" wearing the rear "shaft " out? Is the rear "shaft" a ball or a cylinder? (It should be a ball.) I would be looking at the rear bearing and shaft assy. Very common. Sometimes it is just the grounding ball has wore out the end of the shaft.
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