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Thanks guys for the help and your input.  I greatly appreciate it.  Do any of you have any recommendations on a brand or the type of frig to buy or the type or brand to stay away from.  I have an older Frigidare in my basement and you can't kill the thing.  but it is simple.


Dryer Repair / Re: WGD8200yw whl dryer flame goes out quick
« Last post by domain on October 22, 2014, 09:21:25 PM »
I would suspect a faulty flame sensor or hi limit short cycling
Dryer Repair / Re: WGD8200yw whl dryer flame goes out quick
« Last post by bagjr387 on October 22, 2014, 09:09:07 PM »
I cleaned the vent, and blower housing.  Ran the unit unattached to the vent after cleaning with the same results.  Flame goes out with good airflow
Hi there

I posted about my Kitchenaid Microwave quite some time ago.  At that time I narrowed it down to a bad fuse, and I have since replaced that fuse several times over the past few years.

Yesterday - I had another failure, so I went down to my box of 20 amp fuses (I have a collection of them) and got a new one and put it in  .... No Worky!

Further digging has me suspecting the main board, or the relay board.  I would really like to find something that gives me some test points for the boards so I can confirm if they are working or not.  The main board currently is getting 120VAC - but I don't know how to check it.

Also, there is another relay board buried somewhere in the unit, but I don't know exactly where it is.

Does anybody have any information to help me out?

Thanks in advance


Dryer Repair / Re: WGD8200yw whl dryer flame goes out quick
« Last post by domain on October 22, 2014, 07:38:40 PM »
Vent restriction my friend. Vent restriction.
Any reputable tech won't "recharge" I agree. I doubt it's an insufficient compressor, as I usually don't see any frost on those, just condensation...
Dryer Repair / WGD8200yw whl dryer flame goes out quick
« Last post by bagjr387 on October 22, 2014, 07:12:44 PM »
So today I had this whirlpool dryer, it has 2 belts and a control not the most simple unit. It had a f4 e3 code (i think) which is air flow the first thing I notice is the flame isnt staying on very long...i figure I'll just take it apart and remove all of the lint...I removed a ton of lint from this thing...

Now that is is clean I put it back together and run it.  Same flame problem- the flame comes on for maybe 10 seconds and cuts out...then about a minute later it does the same thing. It will do this for the whole timed dry cycle...My first thought is "ok, coils are good, everything in series with the burner is good(flame sensor, operating tstat, hi limit tstat)...must be the thermistor on the blower housing?  I replace the thermistor, which I didn't test, couldn't get ahold of techline(on hold almost 20 minutes before I hung up) to see what it should ohm out at. So I replaced this thermistor, and boom...same problem...

So what would cause the dryer to keep cycling the flame, but it to go out well before the dryer reaches operating temperature? Can the coils be weak? and still open the valves every few minutes, but be bad?

thanks in advance
Chit Chat / New Google Inbox App - Invite Only
« Last post by AJ on October 22, 2014, 06:04:45 PM »
New today from Google, Inbox. Invite only at this time.

I'm really looking forward to giving this new app a try.

I have sent a email requesting a invite. From what I read you can also receive invite codes from friends who are already using the app. If by chance you already received a invite code from Google and are already using the new Inbox app please consider sending me a invite, thanks!

any good tech or company won't do a "top off" You are looking at a new compressor, filter dryer at min. Could be just a week compressor.If there is a leak depending where the leak is if it's in the condensor or evap you are looking at replacing those. Typically in the evap. At this point start shopping around to replace the fridge. You have given it your all.  O0
Yeah from those pictures its time to buy a new refrigerator.I also live in Northern N.J.Retired now.
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