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It would short to ground (thermostat casing or screws behind it) if something like a roach gets on that part of the terminal that is not insulated where it goes into the thermostat... the spark could then blow a tight connection loose... current continues to follow the path of least resistance (the wires), but also through the roach which is now part of the circuit. All the while the plastic heating up with the terminal and the roach... the whole incident would only take a few seconds, then the microwave shuts down... just another scenario
Why would it short to ground all of a sudden? It is an exponential thing. It was tight "enough" to allow operation for roughly 1.5 years before the wire gave up the ghost. It HAS been getting warm for longer than that. Over time, it will heat (expand) and cool (contract) until the loose connection becomes even more loose and generates more heat OR the same amount of heat continues but with longer run times causing the failure. In this particular case, it seems the crimp from the wire may have contributed.
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Have been working on residential appliances for a large company for the past 8 years. Before that did HVAC repair and installs for 2 years. Have always been asked to do repairs on the side for friends and family so when the large company I worked for laid me off I started my own. Always great to be able to exchange info/stories with fellow techs and would love to be part of the trade discussion.
Why would it be loose all of the sudden?
Sorry but that is not a short, it is surrounded by insulators! The outer shell is the only thing metal near it. That is heat built up from drawing 15A through a loose 3/16'' connection.
Maybe a loose connection, maybe a short, both cause melted connections.. short can be caused by moisture, or piece of food, or a bug even with connections tight. You can refer to this 20 minute video to test every part in your microwave if you're concerned about it happening all over again. Might as well test everything while you have it open.

does the noise get louder when the doors open or not? Is the noise coming from the bottom, front, back?

Every 5 to 10 minutes there is a loud knocking noise. It seems to be the same number of knocks (12-14) each time. I have never noticed it happening more frequent than 5 minutes. The knock rate is about 3-4 knocks per second.

Ice maker is working fine. Knock is still there if ice maker is turned off.

Freezer cooling well.

Fridge cooling well.

Water dispenser dispenses water, however it does not seem to be cool.

typically a burnt connection like that is due to it being lose which causes heat to build up and melt things.
Make sure when you fix it the connections are tight.
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