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My Frigidaire the ice maker makes hallow ice cube and it get ice built up in the bottom of the tray .
Had a galaxy S3 and hated the thing ...switched to an iphone  5S and love it works well in conjunction with my Ipad.
Dishwasher Repair / Re: Kitchen Aid KUDS01FLSS6 Won't Start
« Last post by DonSwill on Today at 06:01:26 PM »
Tested both switches and the fuse and all are fine.

The ribbon the connects to the control board looks in good condition, no signs of rust.

No signs of shorts on inside.

Is there a way to test the control board and/or user interface? I don't seem to have the tech sheet.

Which of these two would be best to replace first?
« Last post by rockinrobin on Today at 05:04:05 PM »
OLD THERMISTOR- My bad once again, when I tested I tested in the 200 setting on meter. Im an idiot. Went back and tested per your advice 20k - and got a reading of 11.17.sorry for all confusion.
Test the Solenoid Coils on Gas Valve Assembly (unplug dryer first, remove wires from coil and set multimeter to proper setting either 2,000 or 2k)
Pic of Coils

The two prong coil should read between 1,000-1,300 Ohm's.
The three prong coil should read 1,300-1,400 Ohm's across terminal pins 1&2 and 500-600 Ohm's across terminal pins 1&3.
Thanks.  I saw both of those last night.  Sears shows "backordered".  I'll have to call and find out what that means.  The ebay stuff could be an option but if I spend $250 for a part (cant wait for the used part auction to end) how do I know that the problem isn't somewhere else and that new board just wont burn up as well?  I'm thinking new washer.  No more LG (this isnt my first problem with the W/D) and no more front loader washers.  Never thought stuff was as clean.
The burnt area possibly caused by a loose wire connection or broken wire (unplug Washer first then verify wire connections are pushed in all the way throughout unit).  I would start at the back side of the unit where you replaced the Stator & Hall Sensor.
Check the Filter Assembly (No Power see page 21) and verify AC Voltage at the Wall Outlet to Power Cord to Filter Assembly to Power Control Board.
should check your other thread about the same fridge. Domain and I replied there to your post about the fridge.
We replaced the main board and now we get nothing--not even a light.
What is going on with unit?
Someone removed the tech sheet from this refrigerator. Can anyone give me information on how to run the diagnostics?
Dryer Repair / Re: Inglis gas dryer IGD4400VQ2 not heating right
« Last post by schleven on Today at 03:20:55 PM »
Are the items warm and damp at the end, or cool and damp?
If they are warm and damp I suspect you have a problem with air flow. A clogged dryer, a clogged or squished vent hose, or clogged or blocked ductwork in wall.
If they are cool and damp, the heating system is not working.
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