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Dishwasher Repair / Samsung Dishwasher DMT610RHS - bottom seal
« Last post by zindine on Today at 06:38:23 PM »
The bottom seal (attached to the door) is torn and breaking apart. I looked online and it seems that the only way to replace it is as part of the door panel (part DD97-00106A). Anyone found a better/cheaper solution?

Chit Chat / Re: hospital stay
« Last post by domain on Today at 06:01:47 PM »
May he rest in peace. Obituary revealed quite the good man lost. :'(
Move that Thermistor, (longer one needed) from the inlet to the outlet of evap. It will be vertical and make sure you keep wire out of fan. this will allow longer defrost preventing ice from building up  O0 O0
Chit Chat / Re: hospital stay
« Last post by AJ on Today at 05:18:33 PM »
Wow, thats to bad. Just looked into his forum history and he was last on our site on November 03, 2014, about two weeks before he passed away.

Sad, but good to know. After being around so long online I often wonder about active members that seem to just up and disappear.

Every now and then I will try and PM or email such members and a lot of times I hear back that they have just been busy with things that come up in life.

Other times I don't hear anything back and I just keep wondering.

Thanks for sharing Dab!
Range, Oven & Cooktop Repair / GE Wall Oven Goes 'Nuts'
« Last post by sapp4l on Today at 05:11:57 PM »
Got a GE profile wall oven. Model: JK915S0F1SS.  I think around 2003 vintage. Nice unit. However, recently after convection bake for an hour or so, the unit 'goes nuts'.. like it's pushing buttons itself. I can usually clear it, and reset it using the keypad, but 5 mins later, it's doing it again.

No error codes; just goes into strange modes and saying to hit "start"

I suspect the heat soak after a bit is causing the keyboard to think someone is pressing buttons.

Questions: I've heard that there may be a fault with the ribbon cables or membrane switches. Is this something repairable?

BTW: unit works fine for up to 45 mins or so... so for most of our use, it is still functional. But not good when you're meal needs just another 15 mins to be done, and the thing goes haywire.

Thanks in advance for any help. The techs on this board have rescued several hunks of metal and turned them into useful machines again! Thanks.

Washer Repair / Re: MAV1755AWW
« Last post by bud on Today at 05:11:46 PM »
If it was wore out there should be too much space. I usually replace the thrust bearing kit pt#12002213. I lube the cam and bearing. If the cam is not sliding up it won't release the brake. I have sometimes not put all the washers in so I can get the clip on, turn the pulley to release the brake, then put a spacer between the brake and the cover (that keeps the spring compressed just enough to allow the clip to go on easier), reapply the brake, take the clip off, reinstall all the washers, turn the pulley to release the brake and take out my spacer. (If my memory serves me correctly)
Yes sorry don't know how I missed that Rs265tdwp
The only augors that have the fan in the ice room are the "ice master" units that have their own evaporator loop directly contacting the im. An rf32 uses one so u can see
Thanks for that great info.  I spent a great deal of time with this machine testing EVERYTHING according to the specs in the manual. Everything checked fine (motor windings, door lock, inlet valve, line switch, etc.). I will put this to use. Thanks again!
Refrigerator & Freezer Repair / Re: ge profile refrigerater pds22sbrbrss
« Last post by tekky2 on Today at 03:52:23 PM »
Thank you for your quick  reply.
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