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Thanks for your kind and prompt reply.  The A&E are not in on this one.  I'll provide followup next week.  Whirlpool and I are on the case.    Any questions on anesthesia, shoot them my way.
Washer Repair / Re: Whirlpool WTW5000DW Washer Cycle continuing
« Last post by dab147315 on April 30, 2016, 09:59:19 PM »
Like in this service pointer?
Washer Repair / Whirlpool WTW5000DW Washer Cycle continuing
« Last post by Greg Relay Tech on April 30, 2016, 07:24:50 PM »
This washer will intermittently continue running a cycle. I just ran 2 loads with no problem but it has done this several times in last 2 weeks.
Chit Chat / Re: Danby dwc283bls wine cooler fan not working
« Last post by BryanS on April 30, 2016, 06:52:50 PM »
If it is different zones, then imagine the fan would only kick on when that zone is calling for cooling.  I haven't really worked on any of these I can recall.  You could check voltage to the motor.  It should be dc.  Each zone may have a sensor builtin into the cover.  You may have a wiring diagram on the back of the unit.
Yea.  I'll have to go and recheck my subscriptions on each thread.
 O0   :thanks:
Wondering because I did make a small code change for our email server a few weeks ago. I did some quick checks and don't see anything wrong at this time. I'm still getting notifications myself.
Probably a more month or so ago.  I'd just been busy, but more started popping up again once I responded to a few.
I don't know why I stopped getting notifications from the website.

Hmm, I'm wondering when you stopped getting notifications. Did it just recently happen?
Anyone else stop getting notifications?
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