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« Last post by richard70435 on Today at 07:01:47 PM »
Was washing light clothes, t-shirt and boxers, when the washing machine ended in the spin cycle. Light was one Spin and Done. (no Flashing lights)  I tried to open the lid and it was locked. I held the start button down for3 sec and the lid opened.  However, the lid lock started clicking lock unlock several times.  I unplugged the electric cord counted to 30 and plug it back in.  I ordered a new lid lock assembly and installed it.  Plugged it in and nothing sounds no lights nothing.  plugged the old assembly in and it clicked locked unlocked.  Plugged the new assembly in and nothing again.  I ran it through he diagnostic tests and it did not spin or agitate.  Could it be that the new assembly could be bad???  (The test cycle filled up and drained but did not spin...I opened the lid and it did not stop the testing.)  I would appreciate any feedback.  I hate that washing machine to begin with.   
Hey guys have a question for you. What set up do you have for your wire repairs? So far I stock your basic 22-10 gauge insulated male, female, butt connectors. I am currently looking to expand. I found a couple of sets on specifics such as 4.14 & 2.54 pitch male and female connectors. Just curious what your thoughts are. I don't do many wire repairs, but want to be prepared. I have a job currently where there was wire damage on an electric range wiring harness at a locking wire to wire connection. Of course the wiring harnesses wasn't clear on the diagram and there were no images of each harness. Would have saved time and money by being properly stocked. Also what rolls of wire do you keep and of what size? Thanks in advance for all feedback.
Does anyone have the service manual for the DV45K7600EW/A3?

I've  never used that product in a food enviroment. You should remove the ice maker, auger assembly and seal the inside too. I have followed up behing others who "sealed" the room but i found gaps.
Thank you.  I did try some "caulking rope" and pushed it into that gap as much as I could but it didn't solve the problem.  I could see the flashlight though before I did that. 
Washer Repair / Re: LG Front load washer te error.
« Last post by MTCmajorappliance on January 23, 2017, 10:15:43 AM »
LG Front load washer Model # WM3050CW Serial# !@#$%^^

Case number with LG tec support CNN161221706121

te error code that will not clear.

0900hrs LG tec created case number instruct check voltages.

The voltages verified 123.1v ac into board.

5v DC @ thermistor conection on board with out thermistor. 3.94v DC with thermistor.

1100hrs. LG tec support David instructed us to replace thermistor. Transferred to parts. Parts could not find thermistor.

1500hrs Collin LG tec support found part numbers.

Main control. EBR78534104

Thermistor. 6322FR260C2046C

Thank You,


Major Appliance Technology
 This e-mail between product lab and and the retailer and LG technical support center. Found that manufacture technical support centers may not give the best information the first time. Keeping notes on your diagnostic posses and creating case numbers reduces the number of calls and forces the tec center operator to look deeper into technical material for a solutions. This unit is new and under warranty. Many technicians went to the home to resolve this problem and could not. Washer was replaced and brought into testing lab for diagnosis. Part ordering sites shown a washer with a heating element witch this unit did not have.   Thermistor. 6322FR260C2046C was found by the third support center operator. Since the main control was replace previously by a LG field technician the thermistor was ordered and replaced. After thermistor replacement washer completed test returned to sales floor.
I wasn't able to find either document number. Sorry. The tech sheet should be behind the bottom grill and you can look up parts at
Chit Chat / Re: Instruction sheet
« Last post by dab147315 on January 23, 2017, 08:43:43 AM »
Found these.
Chit Chat / Instruction sheet
« Last post by Matzie66 on January 23, 2017, 08:15:38 AM »
Hi  I,m missing the instruction sheet for calibrating a #W10812418 electronic control.
Washer Repair / Re: Whirlpool Washer WTW5640XW0
« Last post by newmanda on January 22, 2017, 05:43:47 PM »
Just an update. The main control board fixed it. I took a look at the old board and found a bad capacitor. $.78. I should have pulled it out and looked at it first. For less than a dollar I could have fixed it. I guess I will have a backup now.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for posting about this in detail. I had the identical symptoms in my washer, and thanks to you, I knew to check for a bad capacitor on the control board. Repair took about 20 minutes to disassemble, 15 minutes to replace the bad capacitor and about 10 minutes to put it all back together.

1000uF 6.3V capacitor was in the lower right of the control board and was obviously fried.

Biggest part of the repair was waiting 2 days for the part. Second load since the repair just finishing up now.

Research time: 1 hour
Repair time: 1 hour
Cost of capacitor: about $0.13 (But $5.29 for the pack of 40, with Amazon prime.)
The feeling of accomplishment fixing your own washer for pennies: Priceless
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