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31-9161 GWS0907 GE Consumer & Industrial Technical Service Guide

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31-9161 GWS0907 GE Consumer & Industrial Technical Service Guide

Basic Repair Manual Series

  • Refrigerator
  • Dishwasher
  • Electric Range
  • Gas Range
  • Microwave
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    Whirlpool Dryer Electronic Control Board Part # 8546219

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    You might think you need to replace the whole Display Control Board to fix the problem. Not so!

    Remove the Display Control Board from the front panel and look at the LED Display.


    As you can see, the LED cover for the display has slipped down.


    Remove the plastic LED cover and you will see the LED segments below.


    Align the plastic cover with the LED segments below.


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    It doesn’t always pay to use cheap aftermarket parts.

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    Here is a perfect example of how using cheap aftermarket parts can end up giving you a lot of trouble.

    This is a quote from one of our forum members who was having a hard time figuring out what was wrong with their dryer.

    Guess what? after have changed coils 2 times,before make the gas valve change, i made last try but this time I used FSP brand coils and ..BUALA !! it worked. I used the first time coils with no brand and 2 pairs are defective. I don’t know how test the coils , with ohmmeter the 2 feet reads 1200 and the 3 feet 1 to 3 reads 525 , it looks to me there were fine but don’t.

    I had a nightmare and thousand of assumptions just because these cheap coils.

    Read more:

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    SockLocks: Does anyone really use these things any more?

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    Sockpro Sock holders help keep socks together in washer and dryer, no more sorting hassles. Put a stop to missing socks.

    When I come across these SockLocks they reminded me of something my mother or grandmother used years ago.

    I have been washing my socks for years and matching them up just fine without this age old gadget. Do people still use these today to keep there socks together well they wash and dry them?

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    Wool Dryer Balls – Homemade Dryer Sheet Replacement

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    Come across this on one of my favorite websites,

    Not so sure about wool dryer balls reducing drying time by up to 25%, but the rest of it sound good and easy enough to try.

    Wool dryer balls are a simple to make, cost effective way to keep clothes soft and wrinkle/static free! They deliver the same benefits for laundry as commercial/conventional dryer sheets WITHOUT all the nasty chemicals. And due to their bounciness, they also work to create more space in between your garments during the drying process, which allows better circulation of the hot dryer air. This reduces drying time by up to 25%!! – resulting in huge time, cost, and energy savings for you!

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    Q: When we open the door on our Whirlpool WED4800XQ1 dryer it stops running but we can still see the glow and feel the heat from the element because it does not stop heating. What can we do to fix this problem?

    A: The heating element is probably shorted out to the case and needs to be replace. I would use a multimeter to check for continuity between the element terminals and the heater case to see if it’s grounded out. If it is grounded out to the case then you will need to replace the heating element.

    A less likely case would be a faulty motor switch. In that case you would need to replace the motor.

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