Amana washer timer goes past off and starts the next cycle.


37926 Washer Timer

After checking out a few things on this washer with my multimeter I determined that the timer was at fault.

When I first looked up the model number, LWA50AW I seen it called for timer part # 37926 and retailed for $175.00!

Being it was a older washer I was sure that the customer would not be interested in putting that much money into repairing it.

After doing a bit more research online I found this topic in our forum.

Amana LWA50AW runs past its cycle

Seeing that the timer I originally looked up could be replace with timer part # 37926P and it was only about $50.00!

What a difference in price. The customer was more then happy to invest that kind of money into repairing their old washing machine.

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